5 Must-Know iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

5 Must-Know iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts

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Using your phone usually requires a good amount of typing, whether you’re sending text messages, posting on social media, or entering web addresses. While autocorrect aids in speeding up the typing process, it doesn’t always get it right. However, with a handful of intuitive keyboard shortcuts, you can significantly expedite your typing tasks and rectify mistakes swiftly. Here are the keyboard shortcuts I use all the time on my phone.

iPhone showing a closeup of selecting character options for the letter n.

Move the cursor without deleting

Texting can be a frustrating experience when autocorrect doesn’t pick up the correct version of the word you’re attempting to type. Instead of pressing the backspace button to correct the word, save time by holding down on the space bar, which will turn your keyboard into a trackpad—then, move the cursor quickly over to the offending spot and fix its spelling.

Finish typing an email or web address

There’s an easy way to save time when typing web addresses in browsers and email addresses in the address line of email apps. Type in the main URL and then press and hold the period to complete the web addresses. You can then select from options like .org, .edu, .gov, .net, and, of course, .com. It works the same for email addresses: type in the email address and then press and hold the period.

Enable Caps Lock

If you’re entering a string of capital letters, you can lock your keyboard to capital letters by double-tapping the shift key. Tap the shift key again to exit the cap lock keyboard.

Enter a number without switching to the number keyboard

Press and hold the “123” key and swipe up to select a number without changing the keyboard to a number keyboard. This trick also works for other characters found on the numbers keyboard, including commas, question marks, and exclamation points.

Enter characters from other language keyboards

Are you looking to type an ñ or an ü? You don’t have to switch keyboards to access characters found on other language keyboards. You can press and hold the corresponding letter to reveal your diacritical mark options.

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