5 useful financial aid management software

5 useful financial aid management software

5 useful financial aid management software

5 useful financial aid management software


Financial aid management software is a critical component of any college budget, especially for students who are already juggling the cost of tuition and living expenses. It can be overwhelming to stay on top of all your financial aid paperwork, but with some smart tools, you can streamline your process. Here are five great financial aid management software options that will help you manage every aspect of your student experience:


PowerFAIDS is a comprehensive financial aid management software that helps you manage your financial aid process, budget, and reporting. It provides you with the tools to run your program effectively. This includes tracking all of the information needed by schools and colleges, plus much more!

PowerFAIDS also allows you to create customized reports based on specific requirements or criteria. This means that if there is something important missing from one of these reports (like how many students received scholarships), it can be easily added so everything stays organized and easy to read!


CampusLogic is the best value for money among financial aid management software. It’s easy to use, can be used by non-financial aid professionals, and has a lot of features that are very useful in managing a college’s financial aid program.

It also has an integrated student registration system that allows you to track your student’s progress through the process of applying for financial aid or scholarships. You’ll be able to view their information on one page instead of having them enter it into multiple places on your website. The interface is intuitive enough so even those who aren’t familiar with computers will be able to navigate through it easily without getting lost!

Ellucian Colleague Financial Aid

Ellucian Colleague Financial Aid is a comprehensive financial aid management software that helps universities automate financial aid processes. It includes an intuitive interface and advanced tools to help you manage your student’s educational expenses, track their progress toward degree completion, and analyze data to make informed decisions about the future of your institution.

Ellucian Colleague Financial Aid takes the guesswork out of navigating federal and state regulations by letting you build custom reports based on any combination of student data fields (e.g., school type; program length). You can also create custom reports for each student using multiple variables including GPA, LSAT score, and loan status (granted or deferred).

StudentForms by WizeHive

StudentForms is a financial aid management software that can be used for managing your student’s financial aid eligibility. You can also track their award letters, create awards and monitor the status of each award letter. The system allows you to view all student loans in one place so it’s easy for students and parents to keep up with their loans.

StudentForms is designed specifically for colleges that offer federal direct student loans, Pell Grants, or other federal grant programs such as the Perkins Loan program (Pell Grant recipients).

SimpleForms by CampusLogic.

SimpleForms is a financial aid management software that enables you to keep track of all your student’s expenses and aid awards. It’s used by approximately 2,000 universities and colleges around the world, including over 1,000 public institutions in the US.

In addition to tracking student accounts from the beginning of each semester until graduation day (or beyond), SimpleForms also lets you view critical information about each individual student such as their address or phone number; look up previous academic performance; see how much they’ve received in scholarships over time; create custom reports based on any custom fields you set up within SimpleForms; export data into Excel spreadsheets or PDF files at any timeā€”and even save these documents automatically onto an FTP server so that other people can access them when needed!

These 5 financial aid management software are the best in class

  • PowerFAIDS
  • CampusLogic
  • Ellucian Colleague Financial Aid
  • StudentForms by WizeHive

These are the best financial aid management software for students.


So, which software is the best? That depends on your situation and what you need. I would recommend looking at each of them and seeing if they meet your needs. If not, then it might be worth considering switching to a different service. For example, if you already have an account with Ellucian Colleague Financial Aid but are unhappy with their customer support or documentation features, then switching over could be beneficial for your business.




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