50 Cent Seeks Full Custody of Son With Daphne Joy After Claims of Being Paid as an Escort to Diddy

50 Cent Seeks Full Custody of Son With Daphne Joy After Claims of Being Paid as an Escort to Diddy

  • US rapper 50 Cent has made it clear that he seeks full custody of his son with model and actress Daphne Joy
  • This comes after startling claims were made in a lawsuit against rapper Diddy, and Daphne Joy’s name was mentioned in it
  • Daphne Joy was accused of being a paid escort to Diddy, and the Candy Shop rapper made jokes about it

Rapper 50 Cent is having the time of his life online after the bombshell allegations against Diddy, and his baby mama Daphne Joy was mentioned in it.

50 Cent seeks full custody of son with Daphne Joy after allegations that she was Diddy's escort.
50 Cent will be taking Daphne Joy to family court after the Diddy allegations. Image: Sergione Infuso/Barry King/Shareif Ziyadat
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50 Cent threatens to take Daphne to court

US rapper 50 Cent has made his intentions clear to take Daphne Joy, the mother of his child, to court. He seeks full custody of his son, Sire, with model and actress Daphne Joy after the bombshell Diddy allegations.

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“It is what it is. See you in Family court, worker!” 50 Cent exclaimed in an X post.

Daphne Joy denies allegations in Diddy lawsuit

In the Rodney Jones’ lawsuit, Daphne was accused of being rapper Diddy’s paid escort. On her Instagram account, the model denied these claims saying she was hurt by them.

“I am deeply hurt by the lies in Rodney Jones’ lawsuit. The claim that I am an escort is 100% false and character assassination. I am retaining an attorney to explore all legal remedies against both Rodney and his attorney.”

Daphne accuses 50 Cent of abuse, rapper denies

In addition to her addressing the shocking claims, Daphne made more claims of her own. She accused her former partner, 50 Cent, of being sexually abusive and said he never spent that much time with their son when they moved to live closer to him.

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“You are no longer my oppressor, and my God will handle you from this point on. You have permanently damaged the last hope I had for you as a father to preserve our family with these last and final false claims made against me. You have broken our hearts for the last and final time.”

The Candy Shop rapper has since denied these allegations.

Diddy’s lawyers react to home raids

In a previous report from Legitng, Diddy’s lawyer, Aaron Dyer, issued a statement defending his client’s name.

Dyer said the raids of his LA and New York homes were an ambush and called out the authorities for the way they handled Diddy’s kids and staff.

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