After Only A Few Months Of Marriage, Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Are Allegedly living Apart.

After Only A Few Months Of Marriage, Britney Spears And Sam Asghari Are Allegedly living Apart.

In light of her troubling Instagram rants and behaviors, the singer of “Slumber Party” and her personal trainer husband have decided to “take a break” from their marriage.

Are Sam Asghari and Britney Spears the newest couple on the way to splitsville? Only a few months after getting married, the pop diva and her husband’s marriage is apparently in trouble.

Internet rumors suggest that Britney has opted to “take a break” from her marriage, which were started by a blind item from Deuxmoi (via Media Take Out). According to rumors, the two are currently living separately.

It’s unclear what led to the alleged marital problems between Sam and Britney, but she
Britney stated earlier this month that she had chopped off her blonde hair but concealed the new style with a pink helmet in a since-deleted video. “I removed all of my hair. I’m hesitant to display it just now [scissor emoji] [scissor emoji], “Along with the video of her posing topless on the beach in several photos, she sent a caption to Instagram. Another person questioned, “What is Kim’s preoccupation with dead people’s clothes?” Another remark stated, “Their preoccupation with wearing dead people’s possessions is getting pretty bizarre.

Back in August, the 40-year-old singer called out Jayden James when the young man discussed his mother’s social media posts and justified his father Jamie Spears’ decision to impose conservatorship, saying that it was in Britney’s best interests.

Jayden declared, “I 100% think this can be healed” in reference to his relationship with his mother. Added he, “Just a lot of time and work will be required. All I want is for her mental health to improve. I definitely want to see her once she recovers.”

Later, Britney called Jayden out for raising concerns about her mental health, claiming that his “hateful” comments were motivated by worry that her financial responsibilities to her two sons may soon come to an end.

The mother of two proclaimed on Instagram, “I’m not willing to see you until I feel valued.” Later, she would say that Sean and Jayden had “told me you guys have blocked me.”

The last time Sam wrote about Britney was around two weeks ago. He repeated his wife’s tweet in favor of the Iranian people on October 16. “I support the Iranian people along with my queen. Continue to fight, “The screenshot was captioned by the personal trainer.



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