An Affordable, Reliable Smart Lock Made for Renters

An Affordable, Reliable Smart Lock Made for Renters

As a renter, I understand renters’ unique challenges when choosing a smart lock. Traditional smart locks require a complete lock replacement, but you can’t do that because you can’t switch out the lock on your landlord. The next generation of SwitchBot Lock, the SwitchBot Lock Pro ($119), provides a budget-friendly, smart solution that lets you keep your existing lock.

SwitchBot Lock Pro being opened from the inside.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro eliminates the main flaw we found in its processor – an unreliable mounting system. Instead of relying on adhesives, it offers a sturdier installation by replacing your interior thumb-turn mechanism while keeping the installation so straightforward you won’t need to call a locksmith.

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With its durable aluminum-magnesium alloy and PC + ABS construction, the Lock Pro has better build quality and a sleeker design than the original Lock. There is no more thumb-turn; you simply press a button on the lock to open it.

SwitchBot also improved the battery life. With four AA batteries, the Lock Pro offers up to nine months of use, unlike the first generation, which only lasts six months. It also includes a Low Battery Unlock feature that allows you to unlock the door even after the low battery warning, so you’re never unexpectedly locked out. And if you want the security of extended battery life, the optional SwitchBot Dual Power Pack ($19.99) lasts a full year.

The SwitchBot Lock Pro works with your smartphone out of the box, but you can add other unlocking options. You can use the Lock Pro with SwitchBot’s Keypad ($49) and Fingerprint Keypad Touch ($59), so you wouldn’t have to carry keys and worry about losing them. For me, that’s a no-brainer. Plus, it integrates easily into smart home systems, including Apple Home, SmartThings, Google Assistant, and Alexa, with the optional Hub Mini ($39), so you can operate it with your voice, lock and unlock your door remotely, and receive status alerts if your door is left unlocked or ajar.

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While similar smart lock options exist from brands like August and Kwikset – namely the August Smart Lock Pro ($199) and Kwikset Convert Smart Lock Conversion Kit ($149) – the SwitchBot Lock Pro is a better value at $119. It deserves to be on your shortlist if you’re looking for an effortless smart lock upgrade for your rental.

You can pre-order the SwitchBot Lock Pro now, with shipments expected by the beginning of April.

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