Anker 548 Power Bank for Just $114 – Big Power in a Camping Light

Anker 548 Power Bank for Just $114 – Big Power in a Camping Light

You need light and power, whether you’re without electricity during an emergency or by design while camping. The Anker 548 Power Bank delivers both, boasting massive battery capacity in an attractive camping light with a retractable handle. Best of all, it’s on sale for $114 – $35 off the regular price.

Anker 548 Power Bank with the light on.

As a charger, the 548 Power Bank packs a 60,000mAh battery with 87W output. With that much capacity, it can charge devices like the iPhone 15 Max up to 10 times and a MacBook Air nearly three times. For simultaneous charging, there are 60W and 27W USB-C ports. And if you’re keeping it on hand for power outages, the 548 Power Bank retains an 85% charge after a year. A front display keeps you informed about power usage and remaining charge, helping you manage your energy resources wisely.

As a light, it has a 3W LED lamp built in, which is typical for a camping light, and two levels of brightness. You’ll get a generous 42.3 hours of light per charge. There’s also an SOS light mode that flashes for emergencies.

The Anker 548 Power Bank is currently on sale for $114, but only if you remember to clip the $35 coupon. 

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