Are Women’s High Standards Hurting Men’s Dating Lives?

Are Women’s High Standards Hurting Men’s Dating Lives?




The days of men being able to just show up at the bar, strike up a conversation with the first attractive woman they see, and end up with her phone number are long gone. In fact, in some circles, even showing up at the bar may not be enough, as women complain that men don’t make enough effort or try hard enough to impress them. This hurts men’s dating lives and puts an unnecessary strain on many successful relationships today. Read this article to find out why women’s high standards are hurting men’s dating lives and how you can fight back!

The Consequences Of Raising Your Dating Standards. | Thought Catalog

What Is an Alpha Male?
In fact, it has a whole other meaning in the animal kingdom. Alpha males are at the top of their hierarchical groups and they have more access to females than any other male in the group. It is often used as an analogy for human men who are highly desired by women. As it turns out, humans aren’t all that different from animals.

What Is a Beta Male?
Men are often presented as the dominant, sexually aggressive sex that needs to be won over. The phrase alpha male is thrown around a lot and suggests the idea that men have all the power in society. It may seem like women would want to date these self-assured, cocky men but it turns out women are actually drawn to beta males. Beta males are less powerful, less confident, and much more vulnerable than alpha males. And if they know how to deal with their vulnerability—whether by learning how to ask for a woman’s help or becoming emotionally secure enough not to fear rejection—they can become incredibly attractive.

What Is a Delta Male?
A delta male is defined as the result of a man not meeting women’s high standards. Delta males are those who do not have a college degree, make less than $50,000 a year and do not own property in the United States. Delta males often live with their parents or other family members. Though it sounds derogatory, many men who qualify as delta males are happy with their life. They feel that no one deserves to be unhappy in love and work-life balance is more important than status and money to them. A delta male may also be referred to as a male loser, but such terminology can be deemed offensive in some circles due to connotations of gender discrimination and oppression of men.

Does Gender Play a Role in Attractiveness?
New research finds that when it comes to matters of attraction, men and women have different standards. However, the study concludes that it may not be a woman’s standards that are hurting men but instead, how they’re choosing to behave in response to them.
She offered advice such as meeting on a weeknight where there would be less opportunity for drinking and leaving after one drink if he was feeling like he wasn’t getting what he wanted out of the date. It’s not about changing your priorities or expectations for dating so much as following through with your plans regardless of feelings—whether or not the person you’re attracted to does anything other than exactly what you want them to do.


Why Are High Standards Important for Women?
We live in a society where an abundance of goods and services are available, but this also means there is an excess of choices. With so many dating options on the table, there is a natural expectation that we hold our standards high. We want someone who really gets us, who challenges us intellectually and romantically, who makes us laugh until we cry. It seems the reason we’re having such a hard time finding these men is because they don’t exist–women have been raising their standards for so long that today’s men don’t have any idea what it takes to win our heart.

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