Budget-Friendly Amazfit Smartwatches Add AI with Zepp OS 4 Update

Budget-Friendly Amazfit Smartwatches Add AI with Zepp OS 4 Update

Amazfit makes sleek smartwatches with looks that are very similar to high-end Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch – but at Amazfit models have surprisingly budget-friendly prices. While you do sacrifice some high-end features to get those low prices, the company’s latest software update will add new tools powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4o. These updates are part of Zepp OS 4, which is available now for Amazfit Active and Amazfit Balance (with support for more models coming later this year).

Two Amazfit Active smartwatches with black and white bands

The biggest update is improved voice controls, with the help of GPT-4o. Zepp OS 4 will support more natural language interactions, making it easier to use voice commands without remembering the specific keyword to get the response you want. The watch can even respond back in English or German (with more languages due out later in July), so you don’t have to read responses on a small smartwatch screen. These are features you expect on big-brand smartwatches, but Amazfit Active will be the first smartwatch priced below $200 to fully integrate AI.

Both the Amazfit Active and Amazfit Balance include a heart rate and O2 sensor, making them solid fitness options. And this software update adds a new suite of mini-apps to help you along your fitness journey, with apps to help with positioning for sports or provide specialized fitness tests. Though you don’t have access to the wide range of apps on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, Amazfit can connect with your Android or iOS smartphone to sync data, get notifications, and control other smart devices. The update also adds better Bluetooth support, so you can connect and control Bluetooth devices from your Sonos speakers to your GoPro camera from your Amazfit watch.

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Does the expanded featureset in Zepp OS 4 make the make Amazfit smartwatches must buy gadgets? Maybe, depending on what you need a smartwatch for. These low-cost smartwatches offer looks and features that outshine many others in their price range, and for some users they’ll hit the perfect sweet spot between price and features.

The Amazfit Balance, a traditional-looking round watch, costs $229, while the Amazfit Active, an Apple Watch-style rectangular watch, costs $129. Both include the typical suite of health-tracking tools, including an O2 sensor which isn’t common at this price point. The watches also have a very appealing 14-day battery life, which you certainly won’t find on more “premium” devices. (My own Apple Watch is sitting on the charger right now.)

If you already own an Amazfit Active or Amazfit Balance, you can download Zepp OS 4 today, and if you’re in the market for a new watch you can pick up one of these models to take advantage of the new features immediately. (Note that not all Amazfit watches run Zepp OS to support these smart features, and only the Active and Balance can currently run Zepp OS 4.) If you’re in the market for an all-purpose smartwatch and fitness tracker, it’s a good buy. 

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