Cutting-Edge Lymow One Robotic Mower Debuts at CES 2024

Cutting-Edge Lymow One Robotic Mower Debuts at CES 2024

CES 2024 showcased a variety of robotic home helpers, but the Lymow One TK18000 stands out with its promise to transform the way we maintain our lawns. Aimed at homeowners with large lawns of up to two acres, the Lymow One TK18000 brings a whole lot of power and efficiency to lawn care.

Lymow One navigating over an obstacle

The Lymow One distinguishes itself in the market with a high-powered 300-watt motor, making it substantially more powerful than its competitors, by a factor of three to five according to Lymow. This power comes in handy for traversing diverse terrain and guaranteeing uninterrupted mowing in challenging landscapes.

One of the key innovations of the Lymow One is its LyCut trimmer system. This system departs from the conventional spinning blade mechanism, opting instead for reciprocating blades to prevent clogging from grass debris, a common issue with traditional mowers. Additionally, the inclusion of a grass guide ensures that longer grass is efficiently directed toward the trimmer blades for a consistent cut.

The blades deliver a cutting width of 21 inches and can be adjusted between 1.2 and 4 inches, providing versatility for different types of grass, including those with thicker stems and broader leaves.

Lymow One shown from the bottom. You can see the cutting blades.

To help the Lymow One navigate challenging landscapes, it is equipped with unique track system capable of handling slopes up to 45 degrees. This feature, along with a 2-inch obstacle clearance, allows the mower to effectively deal with a variety of terrains, including rocky surfaces.

In terms of navigation, the Lymow One is wire-free, using a decentralized multi-sensor approach that combines a VSLAM binocular camera and RTK-GNSS localization for pinpoint GPS accuracy. Wangshu Gao, Lymow’s Founder and CEO, explains, “In the areas covered with trees, or the roof is blocking the signal or when the weather is bad, you will lose signal from the GPS. But with the assistance of the camera, it will not lose its location.”

Lymow show from the front. You can see the camera on top.

Safety was a key consideration when designing the Lymow One’s design. The mower is equipped with a camera for detecting obstacles, including people and pets, and incorporates ultrasonic radars and bumper sensors for enhanced collision avoidance. And the patented blade fender, which adheres to international safety standards, ensures that the blades remain inaccessible during operation.

The Lymow One will be available through a Kickstarter campaign starting in March 2024. Backers will receive the first units and the final commercial version based on feedback from the crowdfunding campaign.

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[Image credit: Techlicious, Lymow]

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