“Daddy’s Photocopies”: Man Who is a Father Triplets Carries All of Them at Once, Video Goes Viral on TikTok

“Daddy’s Photocopies”: Man Who is a Father Triplets Carries All of Them at Once, Video Goes Viral on TikTok

  • A man who is blessed with the gift of triplets has appeared in a viral TikTok video carrying the three kids at once
  • While he had one of the triplets firmly strapped on his back, he carried the remaining two in his arms
  • The lovely video has got many TikTok users gushing, and currently, it has been viewed more than 737k times

A lovely TikTok video shows a happy father and his adorable children, who are triplets.

The young father appeared in the 7 seconds video posted on the platform by @khathumaapola.

Photos of a man carrying his triplets.
The babies wanted to be with their dad, and he carried them at once. Photo credit: TikTok/@khathumaapola.
Source: TikTok

The most interesting thing in the video is how the father carried his three children simultaneously.

Blessed father of triplets carries all kids at once

It appears the children all wanted to be carried, and the father had no option but to hold all three kids to his body at once.

While he carried one by strapping him on his back, the remaining two children were firmly held in his two arms.

The short family video is captioned “When they all want daddy”, showing that they wanted to be with their father at that time.

The video has since gone viral and received more than 737k views from baby lovers on TikTok. Observers have said the triplets look like their father.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@tracylove915 said:

“And they all look like the dad. You will be seeing him 4 times same time.”

@Happy_Shabangu commented:

“Again, there is something I want to see.”

@PLAY RED reacted:

“Brother, God has blessed you and your bride. They are beautiful like you.”

@weareblind said:

“How can they all look like you? Where is the mother?”

@pulengM reacted:

“Daddy’s photocopies.”

@Florentine debris said:

“No DNA is needed, photocopy of their Dad.”

@Wangari Muraguri asked:

“What can I do to get triplets all boys? I’m having baby fever.”

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