Encouraging Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Encouraging Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Never underestimate the importance of removing stuff you don’t need.

Encouragement provides us with motivation to persevere. It invites us to dream dreams of significance for our lives. And it begs us to work diligently with optimism and promise.

Overcoming the pull of consumerism is a difficult challenge regardless of our stage in life. Simplicity requires encouragement. To that end, I hope you will find motivation in these articles below.

Each post was intentionally chosen to inspire simplicity in your life. For maximum effect, find a quiet moment this weekend and enjoy them with a fresh cup of coffee or tea.

Is America Suffering a ‘Social Recession’? | The Guardian by Anton Cebalo. Polling in America has demonstrated a marked decline in all spheres of social life, including close friendships, intimate relationships, trust, labor participation and community involvement.

Why Having A Minimalist Living Style May Be Good For Your Health | Glam by Amanda Vining. An excess of items in your environment can result in increased anxiety, frustration, and the hormone cortisol, which is produced in our bodies when we feel stressed. 

Can You Treat Yourself While Living Minimally? | The Simplicity Habit by Cora Gold. Being a minimalist doesn’t have to mean always going without. It just looks different.

Why Minimalism Might Make You Happy Even If You’re Skeptical | No Sidebar by Karen Trefzger. Minimalism is about removing the things you don’t need or want in order to make time and space for the things you value. If you care about restoring an old car or creating a setup for model trains, you can still do either of those things as a minimalist.

7 Secrets to Simple Living: The Ultimate Guide for 2023 | Heart’s Content Farmhouse by Katie Shaw. Stop chasing more… bigger… busier. When you embrace simple living, you can be content with what you have.

Recently Released Inspiring Videos

15 Little Changes You Can Make in Your Home to Help It Serve You Better | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Does managing and maintaining your home cause you stress? If so, here are 15 easy ways to make caring for your your home less stressful.

29 Days to a Better You | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Are you wondering how to form a new habit? Trey committing your life to a desired change for just the next 29 days.

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