Finally, a Car Mount that Isn’t an Eyesore: Scosche MagicMount

Finally, a Car Mount that Isn’t an Eyesore: Scosche MagicMount

If you’re always on the go, you know the importance of a car mount to keep your phone safely within reach. But most car mounts are large and clutter up the dash with ugly black plastic. The Scosche MagicMount SMSDV magnetic mount has a minimalist design that seamlessly blends into your car’s interior so that you hardly even notice it, and it is compatible with both iPhones and Android phones.

Scosche MagicMount SMSDV shown with vent mount in a vehicle.

When not in use, the MagicMount SMSDV is a discreet black circle that is less than the width any iPhone, so it will blend into your car’s air vent when you use the vent mount. Even if you choose to mount it on your dash, you’ll hardly notice it. Both mounts are included in the box.

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As a MagSafe car mount, the MagicMount SMSDV works with iPhone 12 and later models with MagSafe built-in. However, you’ll also find a handy accessory in the box – the MagicRing Adapter. Stick the MagicRing on the back of any phone, and it will adhere to the MagicMount just like an iPhone.

I like the fact that you can quickly adjust your phone to the optimal position. Whether you need to switch from portrait to landscape orientation or adjust the angle for better visibility, the mount’s rotating head moves effortlessly. This ensures I can keep my eyes on the road while still being able to glance at my phone for navigation or incoming calls. Even on rough roads or during sudden stops, I can count on MagicMount to keep my phone securely in place.

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The one thing you’re giving up with the MagicMount SMSDV is wireless charging. However, because of its small size, you won’t have trouble plugging your phone into a wired car charger when needed.

Priced at just $19.99, the Scosche MagicMount SMSDV offers an affordable combination of style, functionality, and value, making it a smart choice.

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