Galaxy Ring: The Ultimate Minimalist Fitness Tracker for Samsung Users

Galaxy Ring: The Ultimate Minimalist Fitness Tracker for Samsung Users

When we talk about wearables, we usually talk about smartwatches or perhaps dedicated fitness trackers. Other smart wearables have been more hit or miss, from the disappointing Humane AI Pin to the excellent Oura Ring, but now Samsung is expanding its wearable lineup with the Samsung Galaxy Ring, which the company just revealed at Samsung Unpacked.

Samsung Galaxy Ring worn by a sleeping figure

The Galaxy Ring is essentially a minimalist fitness tracker. This simple titanium band – available in silver, gold, and black – has sensors lining the inside to track heart rate, sleep, and workouts (with automatic workout detection). It’s a lightweight device that’s designed to be worn all the time, and it has IP68 water resistance, which means it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes, so it’s fine to leave it on whether you’re washing your hands or taking a swim. The seven-day battery life means you don’t have to take it off to charge all the time, and the included charging case can top it off if needed.

This tiny gadget doesn’t have a screen, haptics, lights, or any other interface on the ring itself: you can see all of the data it tracks, along with AI-powered insights and suggestions, in the Samsung Health app on your phone. And the ring integrates a lot of the AI health-tracking features Samsung added to the Galaxy Watch earlier this year. In the app, you can get an Energy Score that measures your “physical readiness” for the day based on your sleep, heart rate, and steps. It will also offer personalized insights and suggestions powered by AI.

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But do you need a smart ring to go with all of your other devices? Smart rings remain something of a niche device, but they’ll be perfect for some people. If you don’t like the bulk of a smartwatch or don’t want another gadget with a screen, this low-key fitness tracker provides many of the health features of a smartwatch without the watch. I can certainly see getting the Galaxy Ring specifically for tracking sleep, because you may not want to wear a smartwatch to bed, and the Galaxy Ring may prove less intrusive. But if you’re happy with your existing smartwatch, this may prove an unnecessary extra.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will be available on July 24, and you can pre-order it now. The device has no additional subscription cost, giving it an edge over the Oura Ring (though it’s also $100 more expensive than the Oura). You can also order a free ring sizing kit, which we definitely recommend because it’s important to get a good fit. Even if you know your ring size, the correct Galaxy Ring size may be a little different.

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