Get up to 31% Off Our Editor’s Pick Samsung’s Neo QLED QN90C TVs

Get up to 31% Off Our Editor’s Pick Samsung’s Neo QLED QN90C TVs

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Samsung’s Neo QLED 4K QN90C series TVs impressed us when we reviewed the 65-inch model earlier this year. We found it “deliver[d] one of the most accurate pictures available in a 4K TV, with plenty of brightness, and without the compromises in clarity or color, making it one of the top TVs at any price.” Today, the 50″, 55″, 65″, 75″, and 85″ TVs are on sale at up to 31 percent off, making them a great deal. 

Samsung QN90C TV showing the Samsung smart TV interface. In the lower right you see the Techlicious Editor's Choice logo.

The Samsung QN90C TVs are based on a 120Hz mini-LED panel, which means they deliver a sharper picture than lower-priced 60Hz TVs. They deliver improved viewing angles over earlier models, so a large group can all enjoy the big game. We also found that the QN90C has excellent color reproduction, deep reds, naturally vibrant greens and yellows, and true-to-life skin tones. 

While many big-screen TVs have poor audio quality, the QN90C is above average. This makes it possible to enjoy movie soundtracks and music videos alike without a soundbar or surround system. Though for a true theater experience, we’d recommend pairing it with a soundbar like our Editor’s Choice, the Samsung Q800C, which is also on sale – now $749 on Samsung, down from $999. 

At its retail price, we recommend the Samsung QN90C to serious movie lovers looking for the sharpest 4K picture possible. With its fast 120-Hz display, mini-LED backlighting, and superb advanced video processing, you can’t go wrong buying this set. And today, as part of Samsung’s Discover Samsung fall savings event, the QN90C is a real bargain. 

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