Google’s Virtual Try-on Makes Shopping a More Personalized Experience

Google’s Virtual Try-on Makes Shopping a More Personalized Experience

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When you’re buying clothing, one of the most important considerations is how it will look on you. But it’s often hard to judge since it’s rare that the model wearing the garment represents you – whether it’s differences in body type, skin tone, hairstyle, or all of the above. Google aims to help with a new Google Search shopping feature called Virtual Try-on for Apparel.

Two screenshots of Google Search results. On the left you see a search results page with the Virtual Try-on logo highlighted on a image. On the right, you see a model with model choices shown below.

With Virtual Try-on, you can see how an item of clothing will look on a variety of models in different poses ranging from XXS to 3XL. For each size, there are up to six models with various skin tones and body types – a maximum of 40 for now. To accurately showcase the garment, Google takes the model picture supplied by the manufacturer and uses AI to make the fabric drape and crease realistically on the models.

Screenshot of Google Search Virtual Tryo-on with the manufacturer's image showing the model from the front on the left, the Virtual Try-on model from the front in the center, and the manufacturer's clothing image on the right.

Once you’ve selected a model that best represents you, it will be saved to your Google profile. So the next time you use the Virtual Try-on feature, you’ll see your model first.

Note that you will only see the Virtual Try-on option when using Google Search through the browser on your phone or tablet. The feature is not available when you are using a laptop or mobile device in desktop mode.

For now, Virtual Try-on is limited to a select number of women’s tops from a handful of retailers, including LOFT, Anthropologie, Everlane, and H&M. Google expects to roll out male models (a total of 40), more clothing styles, and more retail partners.

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