How Much Will You Actually Pay for Apple’s Vision Pro?

How Much Will You Actually Pay for Apple’s Vision Pro?

Apple’s new Vision Pro headset has finally arrived, promising to revolutionize how we interact with technology. But before you pull the trigger on this eye-popping $3,499 device, let’s uncover the hidden costs you may encounter to maximize your experience.

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If you wear glasses

Extra: $99 – $149

If you wear glasses, especially with a prescription, prepare to fork out extra cash. Zeiss Optical Inserts can transform your Vision Pro into a customized visual aid. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Readers: If you simply need magnification, these inserts are $99 if your correction falls between 0.75 to +2.75D. Otherwise, you’ll need prescription optics (see below).
  • Prescription wearers: Custom prescription inserts cost $149. However, if your prescription includes a prism correction (often used to address double vision and sometimes digital eyestrain), you’re out of luck – the Vision Pro is incompatible.

Don’t put off getting your optical inserts. Apple says that the Light Seal used to contour the headset to your face may not fit if you buy your inserts later, and a new Light Seal costs $199.

Storage upgrades: more space, more cash

Extra: $200 – $400

The base Vision Pro model comes with 256GB of storage. For many users, this may not be enough, especially if you plan to work with large video files or use spatial apps with graphics-intensive experiences and detailed 3-D environments. Upgrades bump the cost:

  • 512GB: Adds $200 to your total
  • 1TB: Adds a hefty $400

AppleCare+: Insurance for peace of mind?

Extra: $499

Given the steep price tag, AppleCare+ for Vision Pro ($499 outright or $29.99 monthly) might seem worthwhile. It provides unlimited repairs for accidental damage, potentially saving you hundreds if the worst happens. A cracked screen will run you $799 without AppleCare+, though you’ll still pay $299 with AppleCare+. So you would need more than one major repair to make AppleCare+ payoff.

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Don’t forget the battery

Extra: $199

Vision Pro promises only 2.5 hours of battery life. If you plan to use the Vision Pro on flights or anywhere away from outlets for extended periods, you’ll want to pick up an extra battery for $199.

Travel safe: protection on the go

Extra: $199

If you plan on bringing this expensive hardware with you, a sturdy case is vital. Apple’s Vision Pro Travel Case will set you back another $199. 

The bottom line

Final total: $3,499 – $4,945

Apple’s Vision Pro packs bleeding-edge technology, but the $3,499 starting price is just the beginning. When you max out on storage, optical inserts, insurance, and my suggested accessories, you could be looking at as much as $4,945. So before taking the plunge, consider these additional costs – your personalized experience may come with a much higher price tag than anticipated.

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