How To Be More Stylish?

How To Be More Stylish?


If buying new clothes and wearing stylish clothes always seems like a struggle, you are not alone. Fashion may seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! There are some simple and easy steps you can take to transform your wardrobe and personal style to look effortless every day. Check out the tips we’ve put together below to find out how to get started.

Wear clothes that suit your body.

When your clothes fit, you’ll look instantly put together. To look effortlessly stylish, the first thing you need to do is to make sure that the clothes you wear suit your body type. Since slim style needs to be subtle, you need the right cut to make your clothes look stylish, expensive and trendy. You may want clothes that will make you look slimmer, you may want to be your ideal height, and you may want everything to be in proportion.
Come to classic tailoring.

Laj style is generally based on the classic look. Dressing according to current fashion only shows that you care about clothes and follow fashion news like a stockbroker. Choose a classic style with a classic fit for a more casual look that’s designed to last.
This means, for example, that women should be careful when choosing knee-length dresses, such as beautiful knee-length dresses, while men should not wear tight trousers under baggy trousers.
Fashion should only make up 20% of your wardrobe. Your main investment should be to buy the best you can afford.

Choose soft neutral colors and bold accents.

Multicolor almost never goes out of fashion. Which color is popular and what is unpopular depends on time and place. For example, look at your mother’s clothes from the 1970s. You’ll need a better time to look less overpowering, which means sticking to softer, neutral colors. However, this situation can be broken with beautiful colors, especially in accessories.

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Soft colors include tan, black, white, denim/navy and grey.
Beautiful colors mostly include red, various shades of blue, fuchsia/eggplant purple, golden yellow (like rubber ducky or tulip), and emerald green. Pay attention to some colors. Watch out for other greens and yellows and generally avoid oranges as these colors can easily go in and out of fashion, but if you think they’re trendy, go for it.
Avoid hard copies and documents.

Lots of prints and textures can quickly make an outfit look old and outdated. Trends like fuzzy/fluffy/shaggy fabrics are popular for more than just one season or year. There will be a different model next year, so why bother? Look effortlessly stylish by keeping your clothes in style across decades, not months.

Buy strategically.

To look really stylish, you want your clothes to look expensive. You can make cheap clothes look expensive but investing in some actually expensive items might be a good idea.A few choice pieces of hard-to-fake luxury items, such as a nice sweater or wool coat, can really take your wardrobe up a notch.Having a limited number of nicer items is preferable to having a large number of very cheap-looking items.
Create an interchangeable collection.

A mix-and-match wardrobe gives you plenty of outfit options. If you really want to put the effortless into effortless style, you’ll want a wardrobe where nearly all of the pieces match with each other. This will let you get dressed based on comfort, style preference, or weather conditions, instead of being limited by color or style combinations.
Use a single clothing style (vintage, modern, etc.) and the use a single color palette (this should be helped if you followed our advice to use muted colors with limited bold accents).

Take care of your clothes.

Looking stylish means having clothes that look well maintained.No stains, no holes, no loose threads, no wrinkles. If you want your clothes to look maintained, then the best way to do that is to maintain them! Keep your clothes clean, fold and store them correctly, and do other basic maintenance as the needs arise (e.g. sewing minor holes).
Get items tailored.

Part of the reason models and famous people look so stylish is because their clothes fit their bodies perfectly. How do you make sure your clothes fit you well? Of course it’s personalized! Find a tailor in your area to alter your clothes to fit your body. Some stores will even do this for you.
It’s not as expensive as it seems. Repairing a shirt usually only costs $10-$20, while repairing pants costs around $30-$40.
This may seem like an extra effort, but caring for and taking care of your clothes once will help you look good for decades to come. It is a valuable investment.

Keep It Simple

Effortless Style is all about making it look effortless. Use less clothing and accessories. This is especially important when it comes to accessories. For example, avoid scarves, bracelets, large earrings and hats. Try to limit yourself to two eye-catching/accentuating accessories.
Choose clothes that suit the occasion.

When you dress for the occasion, you will look put together. Overdressing is a clear sign that you’re putting too much thought and effort into your clothes. For example, don’t dress smartly when going grocery shopping, or don’t wear a long shirt when you could wear a tuxedo, for example.

About accessories.

Accessories add personality to an outfit and show interest. Since your outfit should mostly be a soft neutral color, you’ll want to add accessories to your statement. These need to be taken care of and look especially cool. It’s easier to have accessories that are in line with the latest fashions and trends, so don’t worry too much (which is usually fine in this case). For example, you can combine a nice hat and scarf with a brown shirt, a blue t-shirt, white leather trousers and brown leather shoes.
Another example is wearing a black dress with red earrings and necklaces.
Make sure your color palette is still in order. The colors of accent accessories should generally be the same or complement each other.
Do not neglect your hair.

You want your hair to be stylish too. Keep it simple or opt for the “bad” detail, but remember that you create this look. Even if you don’t look like you spent an hour trying to get your hair to look good, it should look good.
Do not use commercial products to get a beautiful look by working hard. This means no need for hairspray or gel!
It is best to consider updating your hair every year. Hair changes can be as simple as changing the location to something more, like changing your entire hair color or hair style.

Use minimal make-up.

Try beautiful makeup for a relaxed look. Choose natural-looking colors to avoid distracting from the beautiful clothes you wear. Of course, you want to highlight your best features.
Lipsticks are an exception because they’re a great way to add a little more sparkle to an outfit by offering bright colors like red. If heavy makeup is your thing, go for it! Fashion is all about expressing yourself and individuality.
The fluid line and texture will be reduced.

Combining good patterns is very difficult. Putting the wrong styles together will make you look messy and less elegant. It is good for a garment to have a pattern or texture, but only in one piece.
Among plain and minimal silhouettes.

Keep the process to a minimum and avoid large items or other items that add bulk. These will make you look fatter, less tidy and stylish. Oversized sweaters have their time and place, but they tend to come in and out of fashion for some reason, so be careful.

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Add your favorite perfume.

Although it may not be obvious, it can go a long way in helping people get to know you. Smell good by keeping yourself and your clothes clean, but also consider adding perfume or cologne to your fashion items. Remember that girls like sweet scents and choose a sweet scent for a real touch.
There is an iconic symbol.

Make your clothes themed to give you your own signature. It’s good for people to relate to you, and even if they don’t like your clothes, it makes you look more stylish.

The look that suits you.

The style you create for yourself should suit your personality. For example, an adorable woman wearing a catsuit might look weird and out of place, just like a businessman wearing gangster clothes. Tailor your clothes to your personality; people will be happy to see this as your own style.
Be confident.

If you are confident, you can take off a dress. Have you ever thought that a model can walk down the runway with a brown paper bag and look stylish? Do you know someone who wears activewear and still looks incredibly stylish? What the fashion industry doesn’t want you to know is that looking stylish is actually about self-confidence. Of course, you don’t need to be very confident, but if you walk down the street in clothes that make you look good, most people will agree that the clothes (at least) fit you perfectly. I don’t care — — or I don’t care. The weakness of fashion style should come from giving off an aura that you don’t care about or wearing the first outfit you find. When people compliment your clothes, be polite or disagree.
Have a nice trip.


You need to be harmonic and graceful in order to appear trendy. Hence, even if you wear high heels, you won’t trip and fall. For males, maintaining style ought to be simpler, but it’s crucial, so don’t overlook it.

Instead of instantly going shopping when you feel like updating your wardrobe a little, rummage through your closet and attempt to discover a new way to wear something you already own.
Read the fashion sections of several publications, such as GQ for men and Cosmopolitan and Glamour for women. Get advice and take note of your likes and dislikes.
Never let your clothing consume you. Not the individuality of your clothing, but your own personality should come through!



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