“If You Die Now, Where Will You Go?” Nigerian Lady Tackles Dad For Sending Her Messages About Salvation

“If You Die Now, Where Will You Go?” Nigerian Lady Tackles Dad For Sending Her Messages About Salvation

  • A Nigerian lady has given her father a very strong warning to stop sending her messages about church and salvation
  • Trouble started when the man sent a rhetorical question to his daughter, asking her where she would be when she dies
  • The lady said her father was putting pressure on her and making her feel condemned through the messages he sends

A lady has told her father to steer clear and stop sending her messages about the church.

In a leaked chat that has caused a stir on Twitter, the lady said her father was making her scared with the messages.

Leaked Whatsapp chats, lady rebukes her father
The lady told her father to stop sending her messages about salvation.
Photo credit: Twitter/@Postsubman and @_Hydonni/status, Getty Images/Vladimir Vladimirov. Third photo used for illustration only.
Source: Twitter

Father cautions daughter for exposing her body

The chat posted on Twitter by @Postsubman showed that the man sent his daughter a message of salvation.

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He said the lady @_Hydonni was posting disturbing photos and exposing her body online. He added that she was embarrassing his family with her life choices.

The father wrote in the chat:

“Stop this madness and foolish posts. They will take you nowhere good. Everything that is of great value is covered and not easily accessible.”

He asked where she thought she would go to, heaven or hell, when she died, but the lady got offended.

The father said his daughter should be aware that no one knows tomorrow and that death comes at any time.

Lady tackles her father in leaked chats

He went on to send the lady some audio messages about the church and the Holy Spirit.

His daughter, however, got offended as she did not take any of the messages lightly.

She said she was tired of her father condemning her and that what she wears does not define her value. She also said she does not aspire to be like her father.

See the full tweet below:

Reactions as lady tackles her father in leaked Whatsapp chats

@UnkleAyo commented:

“The father took 12 hours before he replied “thank you”. Can’t even imagine the thoughts running through his mind: from “I wish I had pulled out that night” to “thank God I have other children”. Would have been better off being a plant dad, tbh.”

@FotoNugget said:

“I hope she’s not the only Child he has, this is so disheartening.”

Man breaks up with his girl because of TikTok

In a related story, Legit.ng reported that leaked Whatsapp showed how a man broke up with his girlfriend.

In the chats, the man said his girlfriend must delete TikTok from her phone or kiss the relationship goodbye.

The lady refused to delete the app and she told the man that he would regret his decision.

Source: Legit.ng


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