Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Living with less creates space for more: more time, more peace, and more joy.

At the heart of minimalism is the realization that our possessions often distract us from meaning and happiness. Minimalism is about freeing ourselves from the weight of unnecessary possessions and experiencing the freedom that comes from living lightly.

Every other week, I gather articles that inspire and motivate us to lead simpler lives. The goal is to equip everyone with the courage to let go and the determination to live with less. 

So I encourage you to find a quiet moment this weekend with a hot cup of coffee or tea to enjoy these articles and reflect on their message.

We left our boxes in storage for a year when our move was interrupted. Minimalism worked out well for us. | Business Insider by Fern Reiss. We left all our moving boxes in storage for a year when our move was interrupted. Minimalism worked out well, and we realized how much we didn’t need.

Why I Changed My Approach to Minimalism and You Should Too | No Sidebar by Barefoot Minimalists. If you feel like quitting minimalism, don’t! Here’s what to do instead.

Conscious Fashion 2024: A Guide To A Minimalist Wardrobe | Her Campus by Brenda Major. Minimalism can leave room for you to experiment, create different combinations with the clothes you already have, and encourage you to be mindful about the way that you want to present yourself to the world.

How Minimalism Helps Curb Consumerism | Simple Money by Jennifer Hayes. I mean, if buying things actually brought lasting satisfaction, don’t you think we’d be done by now?

Decluttering Methods – 9 Tried and Tested Techniques that Really Work | Ideal Home by Emm Rinaldi. To help you on your path to a clutter-free home, we spoke to a selection of experts to narrow down the absolute best 10 decluttering methods out there.

Recently Released Inspiring Videos

10 Life Changing Tips for Decluttering Items You Thought You Couldn’t | YouTube by Joshua Becker. It’s something different for all of us, that one thing we struggle to get rid of. If you’ve done most of the work but are stuck decluttering on items such as books, hobby supplies, sentimental items or something else, this video has tips to help.

30 Areas of Life Where Subtracting Can Add More | YouTube by Joshua Becker. The path to a more satisfying life isn’t always found in adding more. Often the path can be found in subtracting the things that no longer serve us.

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