Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Your home is your sanctuary. Let’s keep it that way.

Simplicity is about creating space in your life for what matters most. It’s about clearing the clutter from our homes and hearts so we can live with intention and purpose. 

As the world gets busier and noisier, embracing simplicity and minimalism becomes even more important.

But we all need inspiration to keep us going. That’s why I carefully selected these articles for you. I hope they inspire you to continue on this beautiful journey towards a simpler life. 

Find a cozy spot, prepare your favorite drink, and immerse yourself in these thought-provoking reads this weekend.

I Wasn’t Sure How To Celebrate Turning 70. Then I Sent An Email That Changed My Entire Year | HuffPost by Megan Vered. Experiences are better than things.

Attachment Styles and Our Material Possessions | Psychology Today by Cheralyn Leeby Ph.D.. Attachment styles can be used as a framework to understand our emotional connections to material possessions.

10 Unnecessary Possessions to Ditch for a Simpler, Happier Life | No Sidebar by Joshua Becker. I’ve got to be honest, most of the stuff we are told to buy and own doesn’t bring us meaning or happiness—it only distracts us from it.

Comfort Is the Enemy of Achievement | John P. Weiss by John P. Weiss. Attempt the absurd and achieve the impossible.

36% of Americans Plan to Take on Debt for Summer Travel. Here’s Why that Worries Financial Experts | CNBC by Charlotte Morabito. I don’t want to tell people they can’t have any fun, but this represents a lot of people taking on expensive debt, and this is the kind of thing that can linger.

How to Stop Shopping with No Buy July | Be More With Less by Courtney Carver. No Buy July will help you understand why you shop and how to slow down your spending.

Recently Released Inspiring Videos

7 Personal Finance Principles Made Easier Through Minimalism | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Can minimalism help us spend less money? Here are 7 ways minimalism can make a direct impact on our finances and teach us how to spend less.

It’s Better to Drive an Old Car than Be Burdened By New Debt | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Is a new car or old better? Should you upgrade your phone every year? I once asked an economics professor what financial lesson he would share with the whole world if he could. His answer surprised me.

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