Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads.

For the last nine years, I have been compiling and publishing curated articles that inspire simplicity. At first, it was an exercise in communicating to Becoming Minimalist readers the most popular articles I sent out on Twitter.

But over the years, it has become more than that. It has become a place where people (every other week) come for a dose of inspiration. And it has become a place to promote and encourage writers around the world who are publishing content about minimalism, simplicity, and intentional living.

I think you will enjoy this collection of articles hand-selected for you this weekend. Grab some coffee, tea, or lemonade and be inspired to live a simpler life today.

The Power of Decluttering: My Personal Journey to a Minimalist Lifestyle | Medium by Cheree’ Means. Decluttering becomes a powerful tool for self-discovery. As I got rid of possessions, I was forced to confront my values, priorities, and needs.

5 Important Things I Have Learned from a Simple Minimalist Lifestyle | Doable Simplicity by Jessalynn Jones. Appreciation doesn’t come easy to us. We are stuck on the so called hedonic treadmill in which we constantly look for new things to excite us.

12 Ways to Be More Present in 2023 | No Sidebar by Barefoot Minimalists. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, improve your relationships, or just find a little more peace in your day-to-day life, here are 12 actionable ways to be more present in 2023.

The Art of Effortless Decision Making | Zen Habits by Leo Babauta. It’s so much simpler this way — simply choose from the heart. Trust. Take action. And clean up any messes that get made if things don’t work out as you’d hoped.

17 Simple Living Tips That’ll Change Your Life | Declutter the Mind by Amber Murphy. Comparison can cause us to constantly want to live large for the sake of appearances instead of living a simpler life for ourselves.

Recently Released Inspiring Videos

Organizing Is Easier After Minimizing | YouTube by Joshua Becker. In countless scenarios, we fall into a trap. The thought trap is this: “If I could just organize my stuff better, the clutter issue and stress would be gone.” Here’s a helpful alternative that will help make organizing way easier.

12 Simple Ways to Save More Money | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Given the economic period we are in, I want to share twelve simple ways we keep our personal expenses low.

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