Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads. – Becoming Minimalist

Inspiring Simplicity. Weekend Reads. – Becoming Minimalist

My desire with each Weekend Reads is to provide you with articles and posts that encourage simplicity and minimalist living. Below, you will find links to blog posts and news stories that I hand-picked over the last couple weeks. I hope you find inspiration and practical help inside them.

That is my goal on Becoming Minimalist: to intentionally promote simplicity in a world that needs to hear it. Here is the first edition of Inspiring Simplicity in 2024.

You Don’t Need Everything You Want | Vox by Emily Stewart. There is nowhere you can look in society that isn’t screaming at us to spend, spend, spend — and, frankly, we view it as un-American to live any other way. It causes us to conflate nonessentials with essentials; we don’t just want the thing, we feel like we have to have it.

I Was Determined to be Rich, But Then Life Showed Me Why the Greatest Joys Aren’t Things You Can Buy | Hack Spirit by Tina Fey. If you find yourself caught in the relentless pursuit of wealth, take a moment to reflect on what truly matters to you. Remember that money can buy comfort and convenience, but not happiness or fulfillment.

‘I Love Everything About It:’ 38-year-old Only Spends $792 a Month to Live in a 160 sq. ft. RV | CNBC by Ryan Ermey. “I look around and honestly say, ‘Man, I have everything I need.’”

How to Stop Shopping Impulsively in 2024: 24 Frugal Tips! | No Sidebar by Barefoot Minimalists. Think back to all of the purchases you made last year. How many of those actually improved your quality of life? For most of us, very few of the many purchases we make actually add value to our lives.

12 Personal Finance Habits to Begin in 2024 | Simple Money by Jennifer Hayes. Consider slowly incorporating these 12 personal finance habits into your routine over the next year. Maybe start with just 1-2 and add more as you get comfortable with the idea.

Recently Released Inspiring Videos

This month, I am publishing an in-depth Video Series on 7 Life-Changing Strategies to Change Your Spending Habits. You can find links to the first two videos here:

7 Life Changing Strategies to Change Your Spending Habits – Episode 1 | YouTube by Joshua Becker. In this series, we dive deep into resetting our spending habits and ways to overcome consumerism in our lives.

7 Life Changing Strategies to Change Your Spending Habits – Episode 2 | YouTube by Joshua Becker. Part Two of the Four-video series covering Strategies 2 & 3.


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