Less is More in ’24. Get Uncluttered

Less is More in ’24. Get Uncluttered

This is now my ninth year offering the Uncluttered Course as a resource for people who can see the benefits of owning less and living clutterfree—and are ready to make it happen in their own home.

The course has proven effective for over 75,000 people—and it will work for you.

Enough thinking about decluttering home, it’s time to fully accomplish it.

My mantra for this year is “Less is more in ’24.” And I mean it: Less is More.

Less clutter
More calm
More time
More focus
More money
More freedom
More gratitude
More creativity
More spirituality
More family time
More intentionality
More peace of mind
More personal growth
More contentment in life
More meaningful connections
More space for things that matter


For those of you who don’t know about the course, Uncluttered is a 12-week online program that I developed to help you own less, live more, and discover the life you’ve always wanted.

For only the next 10 days, registration is open for The New Years Edition of the course.

If you want 2024 to be the year you declutter your home, own less, and save more, sign up before Sunday, January 14 to be part of the private community—all focused on the same goal.

The program includes videos, interviews, live webinars, practical articles, weekly challenges, interaction with me, accountability, and a super-engaged community to cheer you on.

Every Monday, you will receive a video from me, an exclusive interview with one of the brightest minds in the simplicity movement, or written content prepared for the course. You will receive a weekly challenge to complete. You will be offered significant opportunities to engage with the community in a private Facebook group and with me during live webinars and live question and answer opportunities each month.

The course offers everything a book or blog post cannot: community, accountability, and opportunity to ask questions.

To find detailed information about the content and the subjects covered in the Uncluttered Course, click here.

The Results

Feedback about the course from the community has been unbelievable:

The term life-changing gets thrown around a lot, but this course really is. —Kathryn Wagner, Los Angeles, CA

Signing up for the Decluttering course was one of the best decisions I’ve made. —Tracy Nowak, Webster, NY

I am a better mother, a better wife, a better housekeeper, a better budgeter, a better teacher, a better neighbor and a better friend. I’m still a work in progress, but it feels good to be where I am at. —Pam L.

My credit card statement came today. $1,000.00 under my typical monthly balance! Thank you Uncluttered community. —Cheyanne Morris, St. Paul, MN

The Details

I offer the course just three times each year.

This program begins on Tuesday, January 16. Registration is open now, ending on Sunday, January 14—so don’t wait if you want to join us.

The cost for the course is $99. But you can find a 25% off discount code in the back of my book, The Minimalist Home. The book is not required. But it’s often cheaper to buy the book and use the discount code than it is to pay full price—the option is yours.

I am personally involved in every aspect of the course. Helping people live more by owning less is what I am passionate about. I created the videos and the content. I host the webinars. I answer questions in the Facebook group and via email. And I host live video chats over the course of the 12 weeks. My goal is to help and cheer you along.

Participants receive lifetime access to the course. And they can take it as many times as they need.

Uncluttered is a 12-week online course with videos, interviews, webinars, articles, weekly challenges, accountability, and community. It is strategically packaged for one purpose: To help you unclutter your home, own less stuff, and find space to live the life you want.

If you are interested in joining us for the next 3 months, visit My Becoming Minimalist to register. Make 2024 the year you finally discover that less truly is more.

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