Meet Celeste, a Free Tool to Help You Own Less

Meet Celeste, a Free Tool to Help You Own Less

I’m excited to introduce you to Celeste, your personal, virtual decluttering assistant—available to help you declutter and minimize 24/7.

Celeste is a brand-new tool created specifically for Becoming Minimalist. And free for you to use.

Celeste has been trained in the benefits of owning less and the Becoming Minimalist methods that have made this website so helpful and life-changing for so many people.

She can help in many ways.

For example, she can:

  • create a specific decluttering plan for your home
  • break large decluttering projects into smaller tasks
  • help you think through difficult items to declutter
  • offer suggestions on what to keep and what to remove
  • provide quick decluttering projects that you haven’t considered

It is my hope that she will help you (and everyone else) own less, live more, and make the most of the one life you have to live!

Use Celeste to help you declutter right here, right now at

Give it a try. I think you’ll be impressed. And then share the tool with a friend or on social media.

*This is my first introduction of Celeste to the entire Becoming Minimalist Community. And I’d love your feedback and comments. I’ll be watching the comments closely to see how she was able to help, what creative uses you have discovered, and your ideas for improvement.

Celeste was created by Vincent Nguyen of Growth Ninja. If you would like a similar tool for your company, contact him directly.

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