Mother Bursts Into Laughter after Seeing Daughter’s Boyfriend for the First Time, Voice Note Trends

Mother Bursts Into Laughter after Seeing Daughter’s Boyfriend for the First Time, Voice Note Trends

  • A Nigerian lady has posted voice notes revealing her mother and sister’s reactions after seeing her partner
  • The bold lady shares her partner’s picture on her family’s WhatsApp group chat but their reactions made her feel awkward
  • Many netizens who listened to the voice notes shared via TikTok advised the lady to end the relationship

A TikTok user, Angela Mbali, shared her partner’s picture on her family’s WhatsApp group chat to see their reactions.

Surprisingly, her mother and sister both reacted to the photo with voice notes of laughter and amusement.

Mum laughs uncontrollably after seeing daughter's boyfriend for the first time
Mum reacts after seeing daughter’s boyfriend
Photo credit: @bigfoots/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

The voice notes were filled with continuous laughter, leaving Angela feeling unsure about their true feelings towards her partner.

However, despite the laughter, they noted that genuinely respected her choice of a life partner.

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According to them, as long as she was happy in the relationship, that’s all that matters to them.

“As long as you’re happy”, the caption of the post read.

Reactions as family laughs at lady’s choice of partner

Netizens noted that if their families reacted similarly, they would consider ending the relationship.

@THABO said:

“Very little was said yet a lot was said as well.”

@The Lady Champagne said:

“Ahhhhh. That’s why I cannot marry a man that is not wonderfully made. My family go laugh me die.”

@_jepkemois said:

“I swear I would break up with him immediately.”

@Khanyi said:

“Yoh, I’d leave the group and move out of the planet.”

@kgalalelo said:

“Nka mo dump’a immediately.”

@georgieee said:

“I’ll cry in alphabetical order.”

@JuniorD said:

“They still didn’t have words even at the end.”

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@Isabel said:

“They just know his name, there’s no need for image sharing.”

Watch the video below:

Lady posts picture of boyfriend without blocking mum

Meanwhile, previously reported that a young lady identified as @mhizpraise405 on TikTok has shared her mother’s reaction to a video she posted on her WhatsApp status. The video featured her partner in a swimming pool, revealing a tattoo on his chest.

Captioning the video, she humorously wrote, “POV: your mom is your best friend and very nosy.” In a voice note, her mother expressed shock while commenting on the man’s tattoo. “Ejiro, I have seen what this boy is doing to you. Jesus! Ejiro, just because of a tattoo he has on his body. Jesus. Ejiro! He’s driving you crazy”, she said.

Netizens admired the strong bond between the young lady and her mother. Many also praised the open and honest communication in the voice note, highlighting the importance of a supportive and understanding relationship between parents and their children.



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