New Google Maps Features Make Finding EV Charging Easier

New Google Maps Features Make Finding EV Charging Easier

With 1.6 million electric vehicles (EV) on the road today and ownership continuing to rise, the need for accessible and convenient charging infrastructure has never been more important. Just in time for Earth Day 2024, Google is rolling out a series of new features for Google Maps and Search that will make finding and using EV chargers easier than ever.

Phone showing the new Google Maps directions for EV charging stations.

New AI-powered summaries in Google Maps will provide detailed information about a charger’s specific location based on user reviews. So, when you’re navigating to a charging station, you’ll know exactly where to go – whether it’s on the third floor of a multilevel parking lot or at the back of a busy shopping center. No more wandering around trying to find the charger.

Google is also enhancing user reviews for charging stations. When you leave a review, you’ll be prompted to provide additional details about your experience, such as the type of plug you used and how long you waited. Google already has this type of crowdsourced “busy time” information for shopping centers and restaurants, and while may be a little hit or miss, I’ve found it to be generally very helpful.

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For those of you with vehicles equipped with Google built-in, including Polestar and Volvo, there’s even more good news. Your in-car map will soon display nearby chargers with real-time information on charging speed and the number of ports available. This feature will be especially helpful when you’re low on charge and need to find a station quickly. And in coming months, Google Maps will start suggesting the best charging stops along your route based on your battery’s charge level.

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For those overnight stays during your road trip, Google has introduced a new EV filter on Google Travel. Now, you can easily find hotels that offer onsite EV charging, so you can recharge your vehicle while you recharge yourself.

Whether you’re planning a cross-country road trip or just need to top off your charge while running errands, keep an eye out for these new Google’s new EV features that will make charging up less stressful.

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