“No Be Juju Be that”: Abia Man Stuns Nigerians as He Makes Block Stand on Coke Bottle, Video Emerges

“No Be Juju Be that”: Abia Man Stuns Nigerians as He Makes Block Stand on Coke Bottle, Video Emerges

  • Mixed reactions have trailed a trending video of an Abia man making a block stand on a plastic bottle
  • The man, who is a construction worker, put three blocks on each other in an upright position before placing the Coke bottle on them
  • While some people dismissed the display as ‘juju’, others claimed it is not mind-boggling and explained how

An unidentified Abia man has become a viral sensation on social media after he was videoed making a block stand on a Coke plastic bottle.

It is not clear where exactly the clip was taken, but the video has been making the rounds on the internet.

Aba man, coke bottle
The Aba man made a block to stand on a Coke bottle.
Photo Credit: Model TV, Ibom Love Garden
Source: Facebook

Model TV, who shared the video on Facebook, wondered if the man’s act was a display of talent or a show of magic powers, locally known as juju.

The short clip showed the man, a construction worker, gently placing a block on a plastic bottle which was on three blocks stacked in an upright position.

While a sections of netizens said there was nothing special about it and explained how it could be done with full concentration, others attributed it to magical powers.

Netizens argue over the talented display

Xtian Orton said:

“No be juju na simple thing this is called equilibrium moment defying gravity.”

Don Williams Gabriel said:

“No be juju be that!!!!!!”

Affi Etim said:

“Let him turn sands to currency abeg,we can’t have people with such gifts in this country and still suffer like this.”

Victor Micheals said:

“Equilibrium. Dat topic dar year. D practical dem give me, I never still do am finish. D Bobo try abeg.”

Iyke Okaekwu said:

“This is his ability to find the balance point of the block with reference to the bottle mouth.”

Azukaeme Kenneth said:

“Is simply physics but you need high level of concentration to achieve this.”

Ajibola B Ameye said:

“Not magic nor juju just a display of patience and good reasoning (Talent).”

2 boys make power bank with bottle covers

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that two Nigerian boys had made a power bank with bottle covers.

While demonstrating how the power bank works, one of them said it was built to solve two issues altogether.

With its small battery, it can charge a phone to 60% in a short while. Apart from that, it can also serve as a flashlight in emergency dark situations.

The power bank is so small that it could fit into one’s pocket easily.

Source: Legit.ng


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