No More Airline Earbuds: Use Your Bluetooth Headphones with AirFly

No More Airline Earbuds: Use Your Bluetooth Headphones with AirFly

Picture this: You’re ready to settle into your flight or hit the gym, but you realize you have a problem. Your Bluetooth headphones are useless since they can’t connect to the seatback screen or that treadmill with the built-in TV. You’re stuck with those generic airline earbuds. Ugh.

Don’t worry, Twelve South has your back with its AirFly Bluetooth transmitter. It acts as a bridge between your headphones and any device with a standard headphone jack (you know, the kind your phone probably doesn’t have any more and the reason you bought Bluetooth headphones).

Twelve South AirFly connected to an in-flight entertainment system

I have been using the AirFly since the first version shipped in 2018, and it’s made traveling so much more enjoyable. Using it is simple: plug it into the headphone jack, pair it with your wireless earbuds, and you’re enjoying crystal-clear sound from your Bluetooth headphones.

AirFly is super compact (think smaller than an AirPods case), so it won’t take up valuable bag space, and it comes with a short USB-C charging cable. Honestly, the most challenging part is remembering to bring the fully-charged device with me.

Twelve South AirFly Pro shown with its accessories.

Twelve South AirFly Pro shown with its accessories.

There are a few different AirFly models to choose from:

  • AirFly SE ($35): Allows for one headphone connection and gets up to 20 hours of playtime. This is perfect for most solo uses.
  • AirFly Duo ($45): Lets two people listen to the same source for up to 22 hours. Awesome for sharing a movie on the plane. And it comes with a carry pouch.
  • AirFly Pro ($55): The most versatile, with two connections and the ability to transmit and receive audio for up to 25 hours. And it comes with a pouch and a two-prong adapter needed for some in-flight systems.

If you value convenience and great sound on the go, I highly recommend investing in an AirFly.

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[Image credit: Twelve South, Techlicious]

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