Our Editor’s Pick Samsung’s The Frame TV is 33% Off

Our Editor’s Pick Samsung’s The Frame TV is 33% Off

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Samsung’s The Frame TVs are 4K QLED TVs that transform into works of art when you’re not using them to watch movies and TV shows. Last year, we fell in love with The Frame and gave it a Techlicious Top Pick of CES 2022 award. These TVs are rarely discounted, but today you can get the 65-, 75-, and 85-inch models on sale for 33 percent off as part of Amazon’s Prime Day Sale.


Samsung The Frame TV hanging on a wall.

When displaying works of art, the TV’s matte finish eliminates reflections and gives the impression of an actual canvas. And unlike matte screens of the past, the finish doesn’t impact brightness or contrast for video.

Closeup of The Frame TV showing the matte finish and texture of a painting.

To complete the fine art feel, you can choose from regular or beveled frames in a variety of finishes, including wood and metal.

The 55-inch is on sale for $987.99 (save $510), the 75-inch for $1,997.99 (save $1,000), and the 85-inch for $3297.99 (save $1,000). All are available through the ink below.

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[Image credit: Samsung, Techlicious]

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