Panasonic Bringing out New Attachments for Its Quirky Multishape

Panasonic Bringing out New Attachments for Its Quirky Multishape

Panasonic launched its Multishape modular grooming kit concept back in the fall of 2022. The Multishape uses a single handle to power multiple attachments, including an electric shaver, beard trimmer, nose trimmer, and even a sonic toothbrush.

The concept sounds quirky, but it works really well. And I’m a big enough fan that I chose it as the shaver to bring with me when I traveled to CES this year, despite having a half-dozen other options stored under my sink.

So, I was particularly interested in Panasonic’s announcement that they are bringing out a new range of attachments for the Multishape later this year. Aimed towards the metrosexual in all of us, the new attachments include facial exfoliation and cleansing brushes, a pedicure buffer, and hair cutting tools for the top of your head to complement the existing ones for your face.

New multishape attachments showing facial exfoliation and cleansing brushes in three sizes, a pedicure buffer, and hair cutting combs in four sizes. Also three new hair trimmers.

The Panasonic Multishape attachments will be available on in 2024. Pricing and exact timing have not been announced.

[Image credit: Josh Kirschner for Techlicious]

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