Panasonic Teases Its Diminutive Palm Shaver Made from Sea Minerals

Panasonic Teases Its Diminutive Palm Shaver Made from Sea Minerals

One of our team’s favorite products at CES this year is Panasonic’s new Palm Shaver (ES-PV6A-W) for men. This extremely compact shaver uses Panasonic’s excellent five-blade shaving system – as found on their standard-sized Arc 5 line – and fits easily in the palm of your hand.

(Note: It is not intended for actually shaving palms, as its name might suggest, though that would be an interesting product for next year.)

Panasonic Palm Shaver shown easily fitting in the palm of your hand

In addition to the new form factor, the Palm Shaver is made from a sustainable material called NAGORI created from sea minerals. NAGORI gives the shaver body an almost pottery-like look and feel, yet with the weight of plastic. Together, the new material and sized-down design reduce plastic usage by 40% compared to standard shavers, according to Panasonic.

While I didn’t get to shave with one at CES, I did get to hold it in the Panasonic booth. Despite its non-traditional shape and diminutive size, it is quite comfortable in the hand, and I could easily see its benefit as a travel shaver – whether for trips or a quick touch-up at the office before an evening out.

Also a nice touch, the Palm Shaver supports USB charging; something I would like to see across the entire Panasonic shaver lineup going forward.

The Palm Shaver launched in Japan this summer and currently sells for around $285 (41,580 yen). It will finally hit US shores in September 2024, final pricing has not been announced.

[Image credit: Josh Kirschner for Techlicious]

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