Prince Charles To Address with Commonwealth countries wanting To cut Ties With Royal Family

Prince Charles To Address with Commonwealth countries wanting To cut Ties With Royal Family




The Prince Of Wales is ready to meet With prime Ministers And Presidents on the Commonwealth Heads of government meeting .Prince Charles is to offer his blessing to Commonwealth countries that desire to move away from the royal family.

The Prince of Wales is about to meet with prime ministers and presidents at the Commonwealth Heads of government meeting (CHOGM) in Kigali, Rwanda, on Friday, June 24.

he will stress that whatever happens as countries and constitutions evolve, the “common values and shared goals” that carry the fifty four member nations collectively must by no means be forgotten. In a speech that comes when nations together with Jamaica and Australia are preparing to follow Barbados in removing Queen Elizabeth as head of state, the daily Telegraph newspaper reports Charles will say, “Our Commonwealth family is, and could usually stay, a free association of independent self-governing nations.”

“We meet and speak as equals, sharing our understanding and enjoy for the betterment of all residents of the Commonwealth and, certainly, the wider world,” he adds. “The Commonwealth carries inside it countries which have had constitutional relationships with my family, some that maintain to achieve this, and increasingly those that have had none.”

The Duke of Cornwall continues, “I need to mention without a doubt, as i have stated earlier than, that every member’s constitutional arrangement, as republic or monarchy, is only a matter for every member country to decide. The benefit of long life brings me the enjoy that arrangements such as these can change, calmly and without rancour.”

“but as I said in Barbados last November, we should never forget the things which do not change: the close and trusted partnership between Commonwealth members; our common values and shared goals; and, perhaps most importantly, the strong and enduring connections between the peoples of the Commonwealth which strengthen us all,” he will conclude.

The speech will mark Charles’ first opportunity to cope with the group as their future leader. although he formally might not take over till he is King, he has been appearing as de facto head of the Commonwealth as the queen no longer travels overseas and so is unlikely to attend any other CHOGM sessions. within the Commonwealth, 15 contributors – which includes the U.K – still have the queen as head of state, while 34 are republics and the remaining 5 have different monarchs.

This week, Togo and Gabon will join the union, despite never having been under Britain’s rule in the past.



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