Revolution r180 Claims Perfect Toast Every Time

Revolution r180 Claims Perfect Toast Every Time

Toasting should be simple. Yet somehow, I still manage to end up with burnt and dried-out bagels and toast. That’s where the Revolution r180 Toaster comes to the rescue. Its touchscreen makes it simple, letting you see what you’ll get before you start toasting, so there’s no guesswork.

At $299, the Revolution r180 is significantly more expensive than a regular two-slice toaster, which you can pick up for around $35 (but not out of line with high-end toasters like the Wolf Gourmet Two-Slice Toaster, which has a suggested retail price of $479). However, its advanced features make it worth considering.

Revolution r180 toaster showing the Done screen.


The first thing you notice about the Revolution r180 is its touchscreen, which is just under seven inches. It makes toasting an easy three-step process. You choose your bread type, select the toasting level and whether it’s fresh or frozen, and then press the start button. When you choose your toasting level, you get a preview of what each level looks like so you can achieve the perfect shade.

When not in use, the touchscreen shows a clock. Unfortunately, since the toaster lacks WiFi capability, so you will need to manually reset the clock if the toaster is unplugged or if there’s a power outage.

The Revolution r180 has a sleek, modern look. The footprint is compact at 11.65 x 6.13 x 8.4 inches, and each of the two slots measures a little over one inch by five inches.

Instant heating technology

The secret sauce for the Revolution r180 is its proprietary InstaGLO diamond-pattern heating system, which the company says reaches full heat faster than traditional toasters. In CNET’s testing, the toast at level 4 (medium) was done in 1:40, which is on the fast side. The Consumer Reports toaster buying guide found that toasters typically take 1-4 minutes at medium level. The benefit of rapid heating is that the toaster crisps the outside of the bread faster, so the inside doesn’t get dried out.

How well it toasts

To get the perfect toast, you feed the r180 three pertinent facts about your food. Most importantly, you tell it what you’re toasting – bread, English muffin, bagel, waffle, or toaster pastry. You’ll also let it know if you’re starting with a fresh or frozen baked good. Finally, you’ll choose from seven toasting shades. The toaster’s sensors automatically adjust the heat and time to achieve the desired level of doneness based on those three factors.

The consensus among professional and consumer reviewers is that the Revolution r180 an excellent toast sous chef. PCMag says, “Regular toast comes out just right, to the ideal level of darkness based on how you set it (the lightest setting still has a nice crispness to it, while the darkest setting doesn’t quite hit burnt).” Consumers rate it between 4 and 5 stars (out of 5) across a variety of retailers.

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The bottom line

The Revolution r180’s price tag of $299 firmly places it in the premium category. However, its ability to effortlessly deliver perfectly toasted bread and bagels via its user-friendly touchscreen will make it worth it well-heeled toast lovers.

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