Samsung Glare-Free OLED TVs Reduce Reflections for Top-Tier Images

Samsung Glare-Free OLED TVs Reduce Reflections for Top-Tier Images

While every OLED TV manufacturer uses different technology to reduce glare, Samsung just unveiled a new low-reflection coating on 2024 OLED TVs for clear pictures even in bright light. OLED TVs offer some of the best picture quality you can get in your living room, with deep blacks and vibrant colors. But they have one major problem: their glass screens pick up reflections which can make it hard to appreciate the picture underneath, particularly if your TV is in a sunny room.

Samsung S95D TV next to a window

Manufacturers’ tricks to reduce reflections on OLED screens have gotten a little better every year, but Samsung’s is the best we’ve seen so far. It uses a specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern to reduce reflections, and the effect was obvious to us on the brightly-lit CES show floor. The new screens worked significantly to reduce glare, even when positioned next to a window.

Samsung claims its OLED Glare Free technology cuts down on reflections but still preserves color accuracy and image sharpness, so you aren’t sacrificing anything to lose the glare. And while it can be difficult to judge how a TV will look in your living room compared to how it looks on a show floor, the new TVs provided all the picture we would expect from Samsung’s flagship OLED.

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You’ll find the new low-reflection screens on Samsung’s S95D OLED TV, which is available in sizes up to 77 inches. It’s 20% brighter than last year’s model, which can also help TVs perform well in high light environments. AI-enhanced color accuracy ensures high-quality images that are Pantone Validated.

Of course a top-tier OLED TV doesn’t come cheap. Samsung hasn’t yet announced pricing or availability for the latest model, but you can expect a premium price. Last year’s S95C models cost $2,499 for 55”, $3,299 for 65”, and $4,499 for 77″ – it’s likely the latest models will have similar prices.

It may not be worth throwing out your current TV to get these new Samsung screens, but if you’re in the market for a new television the Samsung S95D is very impressive. And if your TV is in a brightly-lit room, it may be worth the extra cost.

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