Seven Mindsets to Help Ground Your Minimalist Journey

Seven Mindsets to Help Ground Your Minimalist Journey

The world offers many choices.

From the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the water we drink, to even the air we breathe, modern consumerism is always there… always offering more and more.

As a result, it becomes very tempting to accumulate.

But there is a life-giving beauty found in simplicity—a beauty that not only champions living with intention, but also champions dreaming bigger dreams for our lives than the ones we are sold in magazines.

As you further your pursuit of this countercultural, minimalist journey, consider these seven foundational mindsets that will help ground you and motivate you:

1. Our Resources are Limited

Every person alive has a different amount of resources—but they are all finite and limited.

Our lives, while filled with potential, have boundaries.

Money, time, and energy are limited, and their allocation speaks volumes about our values.

By embracing minimalism, we make a conscious choice to invest these finite resources in pursuits that genuinely matter—however you define them—be it relationships, passions, faith, or personal growth.

2. Life is Full of Trade-Offs

Every choice, then, comes with an opportunity cost.

When we decide to own more, we simultaneously decide against other potentially more fulfilling experiences or contributions.

Minimalism isn’t about going without—it’s about recognizing that every physical possession we bring into our lives means having to let go of something else.

3. Marketers and Businesses Do Not Always Have Your Best in Mind

Advertisements can be seductive.

They don’t just sell products; they sell dreams and often play on our insecurities along the way.

There are some businesses that genuinely want to serve and help you. But that is not always the case.

It is important to remember that. And it is vital to recognize when their goals don’t align with your personal well-being. Minimalism arms you with the discernment to see through the empty promises.

4. Minimalist Living will Probably Always Be Unconventional

My dream is to change the world by introducing as many people as possible to a minimalist lifestyle. And I hope, someday, all of culture is changed in a positive way by these writings.

But there is a very strong possibility that minimalist living will always be unconventional—human nature can be a difficult adversary…

With that being the case, your minimalist path might not always resonate with the culture around you.

But take comfort in the fact that your decisions may be countercultural, but that doesn’t mean they are unwise.

5. Excess Possessions are a Greater Burden that We Realize

Both metaphorically and literally, unneeded possessions weigh us down.

The pursuit, maintenance, and the eventual decluttering of excess drains our energy. We don’t always notice the weight (both physically and mentally) of our excess possessions until we begin to remove them.

Minimalism isn’t just about reducing clutter; it’s about lightening our soul.

6. Your Minimalism will Change as You Do

Life is a series of seasons. We change homes, job, passions, hobbies, and life stages.

Minimalism is there to provide the freedom and flexibility to make the most of each change.

But each change in life brings about a new iteration of minimalism in your life. There is, of course, a time when the initial removing of excess possessions is complete.

But our specific practice of minimalism will refine with each of the life changes.

7. Life is Too Valuable to Waste Chasing Material Possessions

Life’s richness doesn’t come from the abundance of possessions.

We were designed for something greater. And the sooner we stop looking for life in the things we buy, the sooner we can discover our truest potential elsewhere.

Minimalism may begin with a decision to own less—and that desire may arise from any number of realizations.

But pursuing minimalism for the long-term takes more. It requires deeply understood and appreciated beliefs that help us see the pursuit of less is more than simply rearranging the items in our home.

It is about seeing ourselves and the world differently.

These seven mindsets should help ground you well for that long-term.

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