SimpliSafe Outdoor Monitoring Stops Would-Be Intruders

SimpliSafe Outdoor Monitoring Stops Would-Be Intruders

Home security is a top priority for many homeowners, with 72% of households having at least one home security device, according to SafeHome’s latest Security Market Report. Most DIY security systems can alert you to an intruder while they’re breaking in or after they’ve entered your home. However, SimpliSafe’s new Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring service makes use of your outdoor security cameras to spot trespassers and prevent break-ins before they happen.

Outdoor scene with an intruder with a flashlight and a mounted outdoor security camera.

With Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring, AI technology detects the person and determines if their face matches any of the people you’ve approved to be on your property. If the person is unrecognized, a monitoring agent is alerted and can use the live video feed to assess the situation. If the agent determines that there is a potential threat, they can use the camera’s two-way audio to speak to the individual, warning them that they are being monitored and that the police will be dispatched if necessary. This proactive approach can deter intruders before they even attempt to enter your home.

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This type of detection makes sense if you’re away, but what if your lawn service worker isn’t enrolled in your home security system or your friends like to drop by at your back door? SimpliSafe’s Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring has “Home” and “Away” modes. When you’re at home, you can customize which sensors and cameras remain armed, allowing everyone to move freely around your property without triggering false alarms. When you switch to “Away” mode, all sensors can be armed, providing complete protection while you’re gone.

Phone with a screenshot of the SimpliSafe app showing the ability to activate sensors and cameras for different modes.

Ring has a similar service called Virtual Security Guard that includes outdoor monitoring using AI and motion detection for $99 per month. However, it doesn’t have face detection to help reduce false alarms.

SimpliSafe’s Live Guard Outdoor Monitoring is currently available through an invite-only Early Access Program, but the company plans to expand the service to all customers later this year. Pricing details have not yet been announced, but the service will be offered as an optional add-on to SimpliSafe’s Fast Protect Professional Monitoring, which costs $0.99 per day.

To get started, you’ll need an outdoor camera, base, and keypad, which usually costs $389. SimpliSafe currently has a promotion, which includes a wireless indoor camera for $233. A seven-piece SimpliSafe system with two outdoor cameras, two entry sensors, the base, a keypad, and a fob costs $449.

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