Smart Corper Saves All Her Allawee for 12 Months, Withdraws Bundles of Cash to Buy Phones for Parents

Smart Corper Saves All Her Allawee for 12 Months, Withdraws Bundles of Cash to Buy Phones for Parents

  • A beautiful corps member who saved all her monthly payments (allawee) has gone viral on social media
  • The smart lady gathered the money at the end of her service year to surprise her parents who took great care of her
  • Social media users have shared their thoughts about the video with many applauding her for her actions

A Nigerian lady identified as @raybeautyempire on TikTok has captured the hearts of many netizens.

The kind daughter who recently completed her one-year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme, expressed immense gratitude towards her parents.

Corps member uses her allawee to buy phone for parents
Corps member uses her allawee to buy phone for parents
Photo credit: @raybeautyempire/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

Corps member uses allawee to buy phone for parents

The kind girl used the allowance she saved up to purchase two smartphones as gifts for her parents, highlighting their unwavering support and countless prayers.

In her words:

“Guys this is my NYSC money, I’m done with my NYSC. I just went to bank to withdraw a little out of my allowance to get my parents a phone, to say thank you for everything they have done for me. They made this NYSC possible.”

Corps member presents phone gift to parents

Ray took the smartphones to her village, intending to surprise her parents with the thoughtful presents.

However, upon her arrival, she discovered that her mother was not present. Undeterred, she presented her father with his new phone and a bundle of cash as a token of appreciation.

Determined to express her gratitude to her mother as well, Ray later located her and presented her with the second smartphone.

Reactions as corps member surprises parents with phones

The smartphones and cash gifts symbolised her deep gratitude for their unwavering support and countless prayers throughout her journey.

@joyjay79 said:

“How una dy save during NYSC?”

@Oluchukwu said:

“Amen to your prayers.”

@Empress said:

“Abeg no let my mama see this post.”

@Jsmart said:

NYSC money wey be me like rituals? I no fit save anything, congratulations sweetie.”

@Rozzyberry said:

“I nor sure say na for this Same NYSC way me dey soo.”


“Congratulations dear but Abeg nah d same NYSC money wey I dey collect u take do all these things?”

@tokzy13 said:

“I’m happy to see this. God bless for that cos Nysc money really hard to save oo. Maybe you have good ppa that paid you good salary.”

Watch the video below:

NYSC girl who didn’t touch her allawee shows account balance

Meanwhile, previously reported that a lady who is passing out of the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) has publicly shown her bank account balance. In a video posted on TikTok by MC Magic, the lady said she did not spend any of her monthly stipends.

According to the NYSC lady, she saved all her monthly allowance throughout her service year. When she showed her bank account balance, the money was over N1.9 million. The amount of money in her account made some people ask if she was into another business apart from NYSC.

Currently, NYSC members are paid N33,000 as a monthly stipend which they get for a period of 12 months. If N33,000 is multiplied by 12 months, the outcome would be N396,000. This means the lady possibly had another source of income during her service year.



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