Surprise Your Valentine with the Gift of the Perfect Shave

Surprise Your Valentine with the Gift of the Perfect Shave

This Valentine’s Day, step away from traditional gifts and surprise him with our highest-rated shaver – the Panasonic Arc6. It’s a thoughtful gift that combines advanced technology with everyday luxury, elevating his grooming routine.

Panasonic Arc 6 shown on counter with cap and a Techlicious Editor's Choice logo in the lower right corner.

If you’re looking for the absolute best electric shaver for your hubby, the Arc6 is the one. In our testing, the Arc6 was able to slice through short and medium-length hairs and leave behind smooth skin that’s as close as shaving with a straight razor.

The Arc6 is also very comfortable to use. We found that it maintains consistent skin contact, adapting smoothly to the contours of your face. The moving head feels natural, offering just the right amount of give, and it handles hair without pulling, even after nearly a week of growth.

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If you want to gift the ultimate best shaver, the Panasonic Arc6, with its advanced features, is the answer. It’s on sale for $339.99 ($60 off) or for $424 ($75 off) with the automatic cleaning and charging station. However, if the Arc6 is a little outside your budget, the Panasonic Arc5 (ES-LV65), which we also reviewed and loved, provides a nearly equivalent shave for $159.99.

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