Sylvox’s New Portable Smart TV: Revolutionizing Poolside Entertainment

Sylvox’s New Portable Smart TV: Revolutionizing Poolside Entertainment

Whether it’s for pool parties, camping trips, or just a quiet evening in your backyard, this TV is designed to blend seamlessly into your outdoor life. Imagine lounging by the pool, not just with music or a book, but with your favorite TV shows and movies. The new 15.6-inch Sylvox Portable Waterproof Smart TV makes this scenario a reality. Not only can you enjoy watching TV poolside, but even in the pool, itself.

Sylvox Portable Waterproof Smart TV shown poolside.

The Sylvox TV’s IP66 waterproof rating ensures it’s equipped to handle splashes and even direct water contact. In the words of Bill Zhang, Marketing Manager of Sylvox, “We build our core technology in a way that is different from the normal way. Many people put tempered glasses in front of it, but that only prevents water from the front. In our booth at CES, we have a waterfall pouring water on our display constantly 24 hours a day with no problem. So all of our products are tested and can stand a long lifetime under even the worst situations.”

The heart of the Sylvox TV is its 15.6-inch full HD display, which boasts 400 nits brightness and a 170-degree viewing angle, making it ideal for sharing content with multiple viewers. When you’re streaming a sports game by the pool with friends, this TV ensures everyone gets a front-row experience.

The device runs on Google TV, so you can download apps from Google Play. This means access to all the major streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Max, and YouTube. You can also use mirror-casting to watch content from an iPhone or Android phone. So friends can easily share pictures from a trip or use their streaming subscription to watch instead of logging into your TV.

The portability of the Sylvox TV is a major selling point. Weighing just 4.85 pounds, anyone can move it around. It comes with a 360° rotatable stand that doubles as a handle, making it convenient for users to carry to their desired location. Whether it’s a change in viewing spot or a road trip, this TV is designed to travel with you.

The TV’s 10,000mAh battery delivers 4.5 to 6 hours of uninterrupted entertainment – sufficient for most outdoor activities, ensuring that your relaxation or party isn’t cut short due to a drained battery.

The Sylvox Portable Smart TV will be available in February 2024 for $399 on Sylvox and Amazon.

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