TAL Education Group’s Kids Tablets Deliver Custom Learning Experiences

TAL Education Group’s Kids Tablets Deliver Custom Learning Experiences

TAL Education Group introduces two new digital learning tablets – the Mobby Kid’s Learning Pad and the Xueersi Smart Learning Tablet. These devices go beyond mere tools; they leverage technology and AI to create a dynamic, personalized educational journey tailored to each child’s unique learning needs. Featuring eye-friendly displays and interactive learning modules, these tablets transform education into an engaging and effective experience.

Transforming Early Childhood Education: The Mobby Kid’s Learning Pad

TAL Education Group’s Mobby Kid’s Learning Pad is designed for children 2 to 8 years old. It combines visual, auditory, and tactile methods of learning, and covers core subjects, including reading and math.

Mobby Kid's Learning Pad

Providing eye comfort with paper-screen technology

Visual development for children under six is at a critical stage. So Tal chose to use paper cards instead of an electronic display. The paper screen, coupled with eye-friendly colors and clear ink printing, ensures a safe and comfortable learning experience.

Growing with your child

The Mobby Kid’s Learning Pad adapts as your child learns and grows. As Yang Lixue, Director of Mobby Smart Hardware Products at TAL Education Group, told us, “We’ve adopted a holistic approach, incorporating the acclaimed ‘Traceable Learning Method’ into the Mobby system. This method, validated by millions of Mobby system users, offers a comprehensive ‘teach, learn, practice, test’ cycle.”

Engaging accessories for interactive learning

In addition to the regular learning cards, there are collaborative cards and player-versus-player cards, designed to foster parent-child interaction. This approach not only makes learning fun but also integrates family into the educational process, enhancing the overall experience.

Voice-guided learning

When a child has trouble to with a learning topic, they can ask the Mobby for help. The tablet offers voice-guided that breaks down complex concepts into manageable chunks, ensuring children understand and progress effectively, even without parental oversight.

Empowering Older Kids: The Xueersi Smart Learning Tablet

For older children, TAL has introduced the Xueersi Smart Learning Tablet that leverages AI to tailor learning experiences.

Xueersi Smart Learning Tablet

Eye-safe display

Similar to the Mobby Kid’s Learning Pad, TAL has also prioritized eye health with the Xueersi Smart Learning Tablet. It utilizes TCL’s NXTPAPER color LCD display technology, which not only reduces blue light but also features an e-ink-like matte appearance to further prevent eye fatigue.

AI-powered learning practices

The Xueersi tablet houses a vast repository of self-paced learning resources, over 10 million minutes in total. AI assigns tasks based on the child’s current understanding and performance. It identifies weak knowledge points and provides targeted interventions. Lixue explains: “The AI model tailors the curriculum to each student’s unique learning style and progress, ensuring a more efficient and effective educational experience. Beyond traditional learning methods, the real-time AI voice assistant, Xiao Si, engages students in interactive Q&A sessions, fostering a deeper understanding of concepts.”

Innovative interaction with offline tools

The tablet’s image recognition capabilities allow for interactive learning like never before. Children can use physical objects under the screen, like tangram puzzles, and receive instant feedback, blending the digital and physical worlds in an educational context.

Personalized voice-assistant tutoring

In addition to a personalized learning plan, the tablet has an integrated tutor. Through the tablet’s AI voice chip, children can receive real-time interactive help.

TAL has not yet announced pricing or availability of these products for the U.S. market.

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