“That’s What’s Going on in Reality”: Funny Artist Draws Couple, Shows Moment They See Final Version in Video

“That’s What’s Going on in Reality”: Funny Artist Draws Couple, Shows Moment They See Final Version in Video

  • A hilarious TikTok video showed a couple’s reaction to a funny caricature drawing of themselves
  • The couple had posed for an artist who drew them in a comical way, exaggerating their features and expressions
  • The artist then revealed his masterpiece to the couple, who could not stop laughing at the sight of it

A funny video on TikTok captured the moment a couple saw a hilarious caricature drawing of themselves for the first time.

The couple had agreed to sit still for an artist who promised to draw them.

Photo of couple
Couple could not hide their laughter after the drawing. Photo credit: TikTok/@helio.drawing
Source: TikTok

Little did they know that the artist had a knack for making people laugh with his funny caricatures.

He drew them in a very exaggerated and humorous way, making their features and expressions look ridiculous.

Artist draws couple hilariously

He then turned his sketchpad around and showed them his work of art.

The couple was stunned and then burst into laughter at the sight of their comical depiction.

The drawing showed the woman holding on to the man’s neck as if she was afraid to let go, while the man looked surprised and amused.

They looked like a pair of love-struck birds who had just met.

The video has become a viral sensation on TikTok, with thousands of views and comments.

Many viewers found the video adorable and hilarious, and praised the artist for his talent and humour.

Legit.ng is yet to independently confirm the claims in the video.

Watch the video below:

Legit.ng compiled some of the reactions below:

Zubeir abdi reacted:

“They laughing like ‘how did he know'”

Kuna kaukweli8 said:

“This has come to Kenya? I’ll come always thought I had to travel to get this.”

Nyairobi wrote:

“You nailed it, that’s what goes on behind the scenes.”

Sayo494 commented:

“Finally our very own doing this. Wacha niambie bae twende I’m dying to see how we’ll look.”

Jack alexis:

“Some have a bacd day but you turn them on big up bros.”

Nigerian man sees pretty lady sitting inside car, draws her perfectly

Meanwhile, Legit.ng earlier reported that a TikTok user known as @davehero5 has shared an impressive video of a speed artist identified as Mr Ahmed, who drew a lady in less than five minutes.

In the video which quickly went viral, the lady sat inside a car with the door open as the artist drew her.

According to Dave, the speed artist doesn’t have a phone and he pleaded with anyone in need of his services to reach out to him.

Source: Legit.ng


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