The 5 Apps You Should Download from Google’s Best Android Apps of 2023

The 5 Apps You Should Download from Google’s Best Android Apps of 2023

It’s tough to pick the best apps of the year, considering the Google Play Store has millions of apps, with new apps and games added daily. But as we approach the end of 2023, Google has narrowed down the list, with Play’s Best of 2023 showcasing the very best Android apps on the Google Play Store.

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I’ve been reviewing apps and games for over a decade, and while I’m interested in seeing which apps rose to the top, I’m also picky about the titles I choose to keep on my devices. After reviewing the award winners, these are the five that I would recommend downloading.

Best App: Imprint: Learn Visually

Imprint is an innovative app that leverages visual learning methods to make it easy to understand complicated topics, ranging from high-concept philosophy on the meaning of life to practical technical knowledge on how blockchain works. It’s a style of learning that’s much more engaging than the traditional textbook: its courses are divided into short, easy-to-understand lessons packed with visuals to help you understand concepts quickly.

Cost: Free to download; requires subscription for $15.99/month or $99.99/year

Download Imprint: Learn Visually from the Google Play Store

Best for Fun: Bumble for Friends

Bumble may be better known as a dating app, but Bumble for Friends focuses on forming meaningful friendships rather than lasting romance. But it shares its DNA with Bumble BFF, the friend mode of the original app, and users of Bumble will find the new app very familiar. Create a personalized profile and get matched with people in your area with similar interests and goals – then swipe right to (potentially) start chatting.

Cost: Free to use; subscription prices vary based on duration and location

Download Bumble for Friends from the Google Play Store

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Best for Personal Growth: Voidpet Garden: Mental Health

Voidpet is one of many mental health apps that encourage self-care and reflection via a virtual pet or plant for you to care for. But the app’s theme is a bit unusual: the pet you care for is a colored blob called a Voidpet, and each one represents different emotions. The app goes further than others to gamify mental health, with a Pokémon-like focus on collecting a wide range of pets, leveling them, and battling negative emotions. It’s a novel take on mental health, pushing you to focus on your mental health via meditation, journaling, and CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) activities in order to care for the oddly charming Voidpets.

Cost: Free, subscribe for $3.99/month or $3.99/year for more features

Download Voidpet Garden: Mental Health from the Google Play Store

Best Game: Honkai: Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is the latest game from Genshin Impact developer HoYoverse, and it shares a lot of DNA with its predecessor: the game features a cinematic story (it also won best story game this year) with tons of heroes to recruit and battle with. But unlike the fantasy-themed Genshin, Star Rail is set in a sci-fi universe with more strategic, turn-based combat, and the story and character depth really shine. But before downloading, be aware that this is your standard gacha game. While it’s technically free to play, you’ll be given lots of opportunities to leapfrog progression and collect additional characters by paying money. However, you can enjoy the story without spending a dime.

Cost: Free to play with microtransactions

Download Honkai: Star Rail from the Google Play Store

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Best Games for Good: Pokémon Sleep

Pokémon Sleep continues the trend of helping you form healthy habits through gaming with this sleep-tracking app. Go to sleep alongside the always-drowsy Snorlax, and when you wake up in the morning, you’ll find plenty of Pokémon dozing alongside him, depending on how long and how well you slept. Maintain streaks by going to bed on time and reaching your sleep goals every night to collect and level Pokémon, each of whom has multiple sleep styles. While there’s none of the traditional Pokémon battling, the app does a great job of using game mechanics to encourage you to establish and keep a healthy sleep schedule.

Cost: Free, subscribe for $9.99/month or $49.99/six months for extra features

Download Pokémon Sleep from the Google Play Store

These are the apps that stood out the most to me from the Play Best of 2023 awards, but if you’re looking for more great apps, check the Play Store for the complete list of winners.

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