The Best Techniques for Overcoming Stage Fright and Gaining Confidence

The Best Techniques for Overcoming Stage Fright and Gaining Confidence

You have stage fright.
Performing in front of an audience can be scary.
Whether you’re acting in a play, giving a speech, or presenting a slide show, the pre-performance jitters can creep up on you.
Every performer experiences stage fright at least once in their lives, and they’ve come up with plenty of tips and tricks to help you overcome it.
Make time in your performance day routine to relax and sit with your thoughts.
Kick the fear of failure to the curb by practicing every day by yourself or in front of a rehearsal audience   When you’re physically active, your body releases endorphins.
These happy hormones help raise your confidence, lower stress, and put you in a great mood. Try doing at least 30 minutes of exercise before you step in front of an audience.

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Sometimes, all you need to loosen up is a good laugh.
Put on your favorite movie or a funny comedy sketch while you’re getting ready to help you relax.
Meditation and deep breathing exercises can help you calm down.
Before you step in front of an audience, take some alone time to ease the tension from your body.
Flap your arms and legs around before you hop on stage.

If you’re feeling a bit nervous before you present your speech or go on stage, take a deep breath and roll your shoulders back.
Standing or sitting up taller boosts your confidence levels, giving you the strength to overcome stage fright.
Tell yourself you’re only allowed to be nervous for a certain amount of time.
It may sound silly, but giving yourself the time to be nervous can help you overcome your stage fright.

Avoid caffeine.
So, consider skipping your morning cup of coffee the day of your performance, and opt for a tall glass of water instead.
If you need an energy boost, try eating a balanced meal or taking a power nap
Tell yourself positive aspirations.
Before you walk on stage, give yourself an encouraging word.
Silence those anxious and intrusive thoughts with positive, self-affirming ones to feel empowered. Here are some uplifting mantras you can try: I am capable of achieving greatness.
I believe in myself.
I am strong, confident, and powerful.
Think of the audience as friends.

Imagining that you’re speaking in front of people you love can help you feel more at ease and lessen those performance jitters.
Make your vision a reality by asking a friend to sit in the front row.
If making eye contact with the audience makes you more nervous, no worries!
Silence thoughts of failure with practice, practice, practice!
The best way to overcome stage fright is to make sure you know your routine, speech, or lines by heart.

Stage fright is a mixture of fearing failure and self-doubt.
By rehearsing every day leading up to the performance, you can nip that fear in the bud.
Practice in front of a pretend audience full of friends and family members.
Ask those you practice in front of how you did to get feedback before your big day.
Sometimes, a set schedule or ritual can help you feel more at ease.
Plan out the day of your performance or presentation.

Before you go on stage, picture yourself standing proudly on the stage as the audience cheers and laughs at your jokes—they love you!
Imagine how you’ll look from the audience’s point of view.
Vomiting and fainting spells could be a sign of severe anxiety.
If you’ve tried our tricks and your nerves keep rising, or you experience physical sickness, it may be time to talk to a therapist.



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