The Fragile Truth: Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Vulnerability Exposed

The Fragile Truth: Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Vulnerability Exposed

Despite the allure of showcasing your new Samsung Galaxy S24 series phone in its unadorned glory, recent findings suggest caution. Allstate Protection Plans, a phone insurance provider, recently conducted rigorous six-foot drop tests across the S24 lineup. The tests reveal a disappointing increase in fragility compared to their predecessors in the S23 series; finding that a single fall could render your device inoperable. This is particularly distressing for those banking on the S24 Ultra’s enhanced durability, with Samsung touting its titanium frame and more durable Corning Gorilla Armor screen coating.

Setup for Allstate Protection Plans drop test of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Allstate Protection Plans’ methodology involves dropping phones from a height of six feet onto concrete and assessing the damage from both back and front impacts (watch the breakability video on YouTube). The outcome? A front-first fall left all models – including the S24 and S24+, and notably, the S24 Ultra – severely compromised.

The S24, which is made of similar materials to the S23, had a non-operable display after one front down drop. The S24+ also did worse than last year’s S23+, with a camera that was unusable after the tests and a damaged display. And, despite its more robust construction and superior screen coating, the S24 Ultra wasn’t spared; its screen shattered and the cameras were found damaged post-drop. Back drops resulted in shattered glass on all S24 models, making them risky to handle without a protective case.

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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with a cracked screen

The takeaway from these tests is unequivocal: safeguarding your Samsung Galaxy S24 series with a shock-absorbent case and screen protector is essential. I like Spigen’s Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for Galaxy S24 Series ($18.99 for two), which comes with a tray that makes it easy to apply. And for cases, you can’t go wrong with ZAGG’s Luxe Galaxy S24 Series case that employs Graphene for drop protection. Graphene enables 10-foot drop protection from an ultra-slim, clear case for $29.99.

The dream of a Galaxy phone resilient enough to forgo protection remains just that – a dream. For those tempted to dismiss the advice to grab a case, consider phone insurance as a safeguard. The screen replacement cost alone can run into hundreds of dollars, making insurance a financially prudent choice.

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[Image credit: Allstate Protection Plans]

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