These Clever Outlet Covers and Light Switches Have Built-in Nightlights

These Clever Outlet Covers and Light Switches Have Built-in Nightlights

Struggling with limited outlet space but still want your space illuminated by nightlights? SnapPower offers a smart solution. Their outlet covers and light switches, merge functionality with convenience by embedding discreet an LED nightlight into the design – no batteries or extra wires required.

SnapPower GuideLight shown installed in kitchen at night.

By day, SnapPower’s products blend seamlessly with your home decor. As dusk sets in, integrated light sensors trigger the LED nightlight to turn on, casting a warm three-lumen glow in your space, the standard brightness for nightlights. You can also select a Dim setting for softer illumination or switch the light off completely. Not only does this efficient LED nightlight promise longevity – lasting over 25 years – but it also maintains energy costs below 10 cents per year.

Installation is a breeze. Simply turn off the main power, remove your current outlet or switch plate, and snap on the SnapPower cover. A few screws later, and voila! You have a functional, elegant nightlight solution.

SnapPower outlet covers

SnapPower has three lines of LED nightlight outlet covers: GuideLights, SafeLights, and MotionLights.

The most advanced model is the MotionLight (starting at $24.99), which incorporates a motion sensor. It’s perfect for the bathroom or hallway when you don’t want the full overhead light. You can adjust how long the light stays on after activation – 15 seconds, one minute, or three minutes.

MotionLights are available in four colors – white, ivory, light almond, and black – and three styles, Duplex (shown below), Décor, and Décor for GFCI outlets (the ones with the “test” and “reset” buttons), which provide greater protection from electrocution.

SnapPower MotionLight shown in a bathroom at night.

If you’re looking for something more basic, the GuideLight 2 PLUS (starting at $22.99) is a regular outlet cover with the nightlight functionality. Like the MotionLights, GuideLight 2 PLUS is available in white, ivory, light almond, and black – and three styles, Duplex, Décor and Décor for GFCI outlets.

The SafeLight (starting at $24.99) adds automatic safety covers to keep kids safe around unused outlets, though it’s only available in white, doesn’t work with GFCI outlets, and doesn’t have dimming options.

SnapPower Safelight shown installed at night

SnapPower light switches

SnapPower’s line of SwitchLights light switches are available for toggle or rocker switches and come in three colors: white, light almond, and ivory. For a single overhead light, you can choose a regular SwitchLight (starting at $23.99) or a SwitchLight for 3-Way Switches (starting at $21.99). There’s also a SwitchLight for Double Gang Switches and a SwitchLight for Triple Gang Switches priced starting at $24.99.

SnapPower Double Gang SwitchLight shown installed.

[Image credit: SnapPower]

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