TimePorter: The Chic Way to Showcase Your Apple Watch Bands

TimePorter: The Chic Way to Showcase Your Apple Watch Bands

Personalizing your Apple Watch with new bands that reflect your style and personality is a fun way to change up your look. However, much like scarves and ties, it’s convenient to display them in a way that makes them easily visible and accessible. And we don’t mean stuffed into a drawer along with your socks. The simple solution is Twelve South’s TimePorter ($29) watch band organizer.

Twelve South TimePorter showing three Apple Watch bands

TimePorter is an easy and affordable way to display your collection all in one place. And it looks great too! The TimePorter resembles a tie rack but offers a far more modern look. Measuring 10 inches in length, it features a glossy white finish with silver end caps. There’s no need to drill holes in the wall; it attaches to any flat surface, such as a wall or the inside of a closet, using pre-installed 3M adhesive strips.

It holds up to six Apple Watch bands, regardless of which size or whether you have leather or metal bands. To add a band, simply slide it up and into the groove. The rubber top then holds it in place, but not so tightly that it’s hard to pull the bands back out. We found that it’s easy to knock the bands askew if you’re careless.

If the holidays brought you even more Apple Watch bands, you can connect multiple TimePorters. Adding another to your setup is effortless: just remove the end caps and use one of the included bridge tabs to align them side by side. Or you can space them out, placing one in the closet and one in the bathroom or wherever you want to display your collection.

The TimePorter is available on Amazon and Twelve South for $29.

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