VOC.ai: Shaping Customer Care and Products for Consumers

VOC.ai: Shaping Customer Care and Products for Consumers

In a world where customer service can make or break your experience with a product, VOC.ai aims to be a beacon of innovation; transforming not just how you interact with companies but also how products are shaped to meet your specific needs.

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Making Customer Service Better

Ever been frustrated with automated responses that don’t get your problem? VOC.ai is changing that. Its AI chatbot is trained on a mix of company-specific knowledge and real-world information, which VOC.ai says is able to resolve 80% of issues without human intervention.

Here’s the cool part: when the chatbot encounters a new question, it transfers you to a human. But it doesn’t stop learning.  

Sean Elias, spokesperson of VOC.ai, explains how it works:

So right now, a company cannot put all of its data into VOC, and as soon as someone touches a question, it will respond based on the knowledge that the business has for their customers, their consumers. If it doesn’t know an answer to a question, it will transfer them to a human.

Unlike other systems, VOC.ai is learning from the human response. Now, any question that comes through that is similar to that, VOC.ai now knows how to answer it. So it’s always learning and advancing and becoming more human-like based on the support reps that it is learning from.

Understanding Your Needs to Make Better Products

Imagine a world where products evolve based on real consumer insights. That’s the world VOC.ai says they are building. And VOC.ai’s mission is simple: to ensure that the products you use are designed with consumer needs in mind.

How do they do that?

Their models predict trends and help companies stay ahead of the curve, ensuring that what hits the market resonates with you. By analyzing vast amounts of consumer feedback, including customer service calls, and market data. This isn’t just about counting likes and dislikes; it’s about digging deep into people’s behavior and preferences. Whether they’re tweeting about a product, reviewing it online, or sharing thoughts on social media, VOC.ai listens and learns what consumers truly want.

How This Affects Your Shopping Experience

All of this technology boils down to one key benefit for consumers: a shopping experience that’s more aligned with your desires. Products are no longer created based on guesses or vague market trends. They’re shaped by consumer feedback, preferences, and behavior. This means the next gadget, clothing item, or service you buy is more likely to be something you truly love.

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