Want to See Who’s at the Door? Check Your Ecobee Thermostat

Want to See Who’s at the Door? Check Your Ecobee Thermostat

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Ecobee’s Smart Doorbell Camera is laden with high-end features, among which one stands out for its clever integration. It syncs seamlessly with the company’s Smart Thermostat Premium, providing homeowners with a live video feed from their doorbell, making it possible to see who’s at the door without needing a smartphone.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium with video feed from the Smart Doorbell Camera.

The camera boasts an extra-wide 175-degree vertical field of view, one of the widest in the industry. This expansive viewing angle lets homeowners see packages left at the doorstep while capturing visitors from head to toe.

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Built to endure the elements, the doorbell camera carries an IP65 rating, rendering it weatherproof and dustproof. Being a wired device, it eliminates concerns over battery life, especially in extreme temperatures. It operates efficiently between -13 degrees F to 113 degrees F.

Ecobee Smart Video Doorbell shown mounted on near a door

Similar to other high-end doorbell cameras, a notable feature is the ability to set an Activity Zone for the camera to focus on, thus enhancing its motion and person detection capabilities. This smart feature is designed to make notifications more intelligent and relevant.

Notification concept showing a man walking a dog with a notification that says: Person detected. Your doorbell detected a person.

While the Smart Doorbell Camera can be used without a subscription (available at $5 per month or $50 per year), some key features will be inaccessible. For instance, without a subscription, homeowners won’t receive package alerts, and the doorbell will only capture snapshots of events like motion and people alerts.

The ecobee Smart Doorbell Camera is now available for pre-order on ecobee.com, priced at $159.99, with the official release scheduled for October 23.

[Image credit: ecobee]

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